Village Candle Spring Summer 2017 Collection Preview

Village Candle Spring Summer 2017 Collection includes 9 new scents.

They changed a few things up at Village Candle in 2017. Their official website has been given a revamp, some fragrances are being retired and the new, limited edition collection candles are only available in jars, not in votives or wax melts. As someone who likes trying new scents more than stocking up on the stuff I like the most, this is a bummer since I now have to invest in at least a small jar of the new scents.

village candle spring summer 2017 collection review

The new Spring/Summer 2017 collection from Village Candle includes:

Village Candle Acai Berry Tobac
Village Candle Awakening
Village Candle Forest Hike
Village Candle Pomegranate Jubilee
Village Candle Sea Salt Cucumber
Village Candle Serenity
Village Candle Sunrise
Village Candle Urban Nights

The Urban Nights scents will probably be a least favorite since it sounds like a patchoulli based cologne and that is just not my thing. At all. I’m most curious about the sea salt in the “Sea Salt Cucumber” becasue it sounds like it could be a really cool twist on a basic cucumber scent.