Village Candle Spring 2019 Collection Preview

Village Candle Spring Summer 2019 collection is now available in Europe and should soon be in stores in the USA as well.


The new chrome lids took some getting used to but I’m liking them more and more.

I’ll probably get all of these candles in medium jars. I feel like this will be a great collection and I can’t wait to start burning these.

Grapefruit Turmeric Tonic smells like sandalwood, turmeric, grapefruit, amber.

Fresh Cut Peony scent notes are sakura blossom, peony, rose, leafy greens

English Flower Shop scent notes are cherry blossom, sweet pea

Sea Salt Surf with scent notes water florals, marine, moss, cedarwood

Dolce Delight with scent notes rich vanilla, wildflower honey, coconut milk

Dark Chocolate Rose with scent notes strawberries, rose water, dark chocolate

Dancing Daisies with scent notes freesia, bamboo, muguet

Cherry Coffee Cordial with scent notes dark berries, coffee, sandalwood

Wild Rose with scent notes rose, peony, mandarin, sandalwood

Sea Salt Cucumber

Loads of these will work great as Valentine’s Day candles. The Dark Chocolate Rose especially seems to be made for a romantic occasion.