Village Candle Spring 2017 Collection Preview

Village Candle Spring 2017 Collection has 5 brand new scents and one that we’ve seen before.

Village Candle Spring 2017 Collection review

The new scents for Spring 2017 are:

Village Candle Honey Patchouli,

Village Candle Berry Blossom,

Village Candle Ginger Pear Fizz,

Village Candle Glacial Spring,

Village Candle Sage and Celery

And the oldie that’s also included in this collection is Village Candle Honey Creme.

Honey Creme was a part of a Fall collection before but since this collection also includes Honey Patchouli, another scent I’d put into a Fall collection, it’s obviously an angle they’re going for deliberately.

Celery is not a note I’d ever want in a home fragrance. While I totaly appreciate sage, the celery…I just don’t see it. But I’ll definitelly give it a snoff when I can. The only one I’m excited about here is Ginger Pear Fizz and I’d love to try out the honey ones, but I’d prefer them in the Fall and late Summer.