Village Candle Scarlet Berry Tulip scented candle Review

Village Candle Scarlet Berry Tulip is a new fragrance for 2019. I never got my hands on Yankee Candle Tulips and that one is supposed to be a lovely floral so I went with the Village Candle that had “tulips” in the name and it also happens to be new and available. Makes sense, right? Yeah…

Anyway, I always get tickled when I see “tulips” as a fragrance note since I’ve smelled many a tulip in my day and they smell like…grass. Just…growing green stuff. Nothing floral at all. So I’m always interested in how a company thinks a tulip is supposed to smell like.

village candle Scarlet Berry Tulip review

The official scent notes of Village Candle Scarlet Berry Tulip are: tulips , raspberry , jasmine, violet , light oak.

I burned a small two wick jar of Scarlet Berry Tulip five times now and each time I light it up and the scent begins to develop I first get the jasmine. Jasmine is tricky for me, I find it super intense and even when added with a light hand I tend to feel it overpowers other notes. In this candle, it’s the first thing you smell but it’s not the only thing, so that’s a huge plus. The jasmine note is paired with violets and this note is intense, only pushed up by the woody oak note. The raspberry sort of gets lost in the violets I think, it’s a very low note if I didn’t know it was there I probably wouldn’t pick it up. You can smell a berry but it’s not strong enough to make an impact.
Al in all it’s an intense fragrance, it feels like a summer night or a fall evening type of floral due to the jasmine and the woody note. I seem to only want to burn or wear jasmine during summer evenings.

I burned my two wick small jar of Village Candle Scarlet Berry Tulip in my main hall in my luminary candle holder and it scented the hall in about 20 minutes. I got a nice wax pool in under an hour, which is where you get the full benefit of two wicks. I don’t trim the wicks on my Village Candles to make sure they perform well and I always burn them in tall candle holders to keep them safe. I’d say the scent throw on Scarlet Berry Tulip is a strong 9.

I hope you enjoyed my Village Candle Scarlet Berry Tulip scented candle Review and I’ll talk to you soon!