Village Candle Rio Carnival scented candle review

Village Candle Rio Carnival was a present. I love the wax color and the label on it, it looked perfect for my carnival season décor and I never got around to actually burning it. My SIL was fiddling with it the other day and sniffing it on cold and she said it smells super strong and that she’s curious what it would be like lit, so we brewed some tea, let the kids loose in their playroom and burned it.

The official notes in Village Candle Rio Carnival are: ocean air, pure lily, white roses, sweet peony, teakwood and sandalwood. From the notes alone it’s obvious that it’s going to an intense and floral scent. It’s very rich and very complex and while it’s not my preference in scents it’s an incredibly strong thrower.

village candle rio carnival review

Burning Village Candle Rio Carnival first I get a lot of peony and the intense sandalwood note. Not that the scent is heavy on the sandalwood, it’s just that sandalwood is a heavy note to me so anything with sandalwood reads that way to my nose. The lily builds up on the floral side of the scent while the teakwood sort of disappears under the sandalwood to me. I get a bit of rose, the rose is the intense Mollinard type instead of the fresh heirloom rose. I am a huge rose scent snob, having a big collection of roses from all over the world growing in my rose garden and I really appreciate this version in the Village Candle Rio Carnival.

I burned Village Candle Rio Carnival large jar in my hall and the whole place got saturated with the scent in about half an hour. After an hour I blew the candle out because I found the scent to be too intense. I would say the throw on Village Candle Rio Carnival is a 9.

While the Village Candle Rio Carnival scent is good and what I would describe as “expensive” smell, I won’t be repurchasing this in candle form. I’m just not a sandalwood person and the intensity of this is also not my cup of tea. My SIL was happy to give it a home and she really loves the scent.

I hope you enjoyed my Village Candle Rio Carnival scented candle review and I’ll talk to you soon!