Village Candle Rain scented candle Review

I love rain but not all rain. I like the April showers and summer thunderstorms with torrents of rain. And I love how everything smells then. I would love to find those scents in a candle; wet hot dirt, ozone, wet grass, battered flowers, water. I have a couple of perfumes that come pretty darn close but I’m yet to find a candle with those notes.

Village Candle Rain is one of the new for 2019 fragrances and I got it because of the name. I like smelling how others interpret the rain scents so this came to live in my living room.

I got Village Candle Rain in the middle sized jar with 16 oz. that has burn time of 85-105 hours and two wicks. It comes In a standard glass jar with the domed glass lid.

village candle rain review

Image by Village Candle

The official scent notes of Village Candle Rain scented candle are: rain, bergamot, lily and amber.

I get the bergamot and a mixed floral note. The amber warms it up to the point that it makes me think of rain on asphalt. You get the watery note as well and there’s a men’s cologne note too but it’s pretty light. Actually the smell is kind of true to the image on the jar…cuddling up on the rainy street to a guy wearing cologne.
My medium jar of Village Candle Rain burned well, I had no burning issues, I got an even wax pool in about an hour and the scent throw is about an 8. I didn’t trim the wicks on this to avoid burn issues and I burned it in a tall luminary to keep the candle safe.

I hope you enjoyed my Village Candle Rain scented candle review and I’ll talk to you soon!