Village Candle Pink Grapefruit scented candle Review

Village Candle Pink Grapefruit is a new fruit scent they brought out this Spring/Summer together with Dahlia and Lemon pistachio. For a three piece collection I think they did a fairly good job, covering three categories and giving good additions to the existing core scents. I think maybe they could do without another grapefruit based scent in their fruit range though, I feel like they have a lot of these.

That being said, I did try them all because I love grapefruit scents but they are notorious for getting that weird ammonia undertone that generally translates as “cat pee”. This didn’t pull in that direction, it’s actually pretty heavy on the mango and fresh and juicy overall. Really great for summer.

In fact, I’ll be doing a big “End of Winter” themed barbecue for about 30 people this weekend and I’ll go all grapefruit scents mixed some lemonade ones.

Village Candle Pink Grapefruit scented candle Review 2016

Image by Village Candle

The official scent notes in Village Candle Pink Grapefruit are: grapefruit and mandarin zest, juicy peach, mango.

I smell the grapefruit that is very fresh and bitter, like it’s supposed to be, a lot of mango to sweeten the grapefruit and mellow it out and that’s about it. The sweetness in there could be from a peach note as well but I can’t really smell peach specifically.

A really nice scent if you like grapefruit, it will blend well with anything citrus and if you have some failed citrus candles at home that smell like your plain mosquito repelling citronella you might try mixing it with this one. It’s very strong and it might save the unfortunate citronella.

The scent throw on a quarter of a melted votive was a solid 9.