Village Candle Palm Breeze scented candle Review

Village Candle Palm Breeze scented candle is a part of their glass pillar line. I got it because I was searching for something close to Yankee Candle’s Under the Palms but more complex and interesting. I do love a good green scent and this seemed great because while very green, it doesn’t have the coconut note that most “palm” scents have.

Village Candle Palm Breeze scented candle Review

Image by Village Candle

The official scent notes in Village Candle Palm Breeze are: blue water lotus, fresh green grass and sharp wild fern.

Village Candle Palm Breeze smells like green leaves a bit of floral and a strong water note. I love it, it’s a fragrance that I’d describe as “dewy”. It’s more “spring green” than “summer palm” to my nose. The lotus note is not my favorite here, it’s a bit heavy for such a green scent but it’s watered down enough that it doesn’t migrate to the floral side of things.

Compared to Yankee Candle Under the Palms this is more watery and the lack of the coconut note makes it less palm-like but the green aspect in this is better. It works better as a spring or a year round than a summer scent while I’d say the Yankee version is a definite summer fragrance.

The scent throw on the medium sized glass pillar was a 7 and I had no issues with the burning performance of the candle.