Village Candle Obisidian scented candle Review

Can we just start with the look of this candle? I mean…I really try to not fall for packaging – with home fragrance and perfume – but this is pretty much my ideal label and wax color combination. It’s just so dreamy and dark and natural and clean at the same time…ugh, I love it to bits.

Village Candle Obisidian scented candle Review

Image by Village Candle

The official scent notes in Village Candle Obisidian are: cedarwood, amber, vetiver, pepper.

Compared to Village Candle Amber Woods it’s still a cologne scent (because of the vetiver) but this is fresher and spicier. Both have amber, but this is much less warm that Amber Woods. I get a grass note and a watery undertone, like a bamboo smell. The pepper adds a bit of spice, but it’s very mixed into the vetiver so it’s just a spicy cologne vibe, not “spice” per se. The cedar is the base and it’s far lighter than the woody base in Amber Woods.

If you like Village Candle’s Black Bamboo this is similar but more woodsy. If Black Bamboo is a summer cologne, this is its fall sister.