Village Candle Nutcracker scented candle Review

Village Candle Nutcracker is or rather was a part of the Holiday Limited Edition collection. I’m not a huge fan of cranberry scents but I do prefer this to many of the sweet cranberry stuff that Yankee does. This is also a good transition scent from Fall to Holiday, since cranberry and spice work for either season.

Village Candle Nutcracker scented candle Review

Image by Village Candle

The official scent notes in Village Candle Nutcracker are: tart cranberry.

Village Candle Nutcracker I smell the tart cranberry that is a tad on the fake side but not as much as sweet cranberry scents can be. I also get quite a bit of cinnamon. It’s a cinnamon stick type of scent, not the bakery cinnamon, so it works well with the tartness of the dominating note.

It’s pretty much what I expected from the description. I’d like it more without the cinnamon and maybe with a citrus thrown in to amp up the tartness. By the time I got to November and December I was over spice in general and cinnamon in particular so a zesty little twist on the cranberry would be preferred, but this wasn’t bad at all. I did pair it with a lime candle but the cinnamon and the lime didn’t work.

The scent throw on a medium jar of this is a medium 7. It pooled in about 45 minutes and scented most of my large living room.