Village Candle Maple Butter scented candle Review

Village Candle Maple Butter is a newbie in my kitchen candle group. I keep about 6 small jar candles in my kitchen at all times and I burn one at a time but I usually burn a different one after every meal. I go for more coffee and fruit type scents in the morning and more bakery scents in the afternoons and evenings.

Village Candle Maple Butter Review is a candle I burn in the mornings and after light dinners. It’s a great vanilla and maple pancake scent so it works as a breakfast candle as well.

village candle maple butter review

The official scent notes of Village Candle Maple Butter are: maple, vanilla butter, honey, brown sugar, pancakes. Those are exactly the scents I get in Village Candle Maple Butter. It’s super true to life maple pancake smell. I get the sugar, I get the honey, the butter and vanilla and all that is swimming in a maple smell.

It’s a surprisingly strong thrower, I have a small two wick jar and the scent fills my medium sized and extremely high ceiling kitchen in about half an hour.

It’s my children’s current favorite candle and I’m really enjoying the fact that it’s not too sweet and not too buttery, it’s just yummy. My small jar burns well in my Ikea jar candle holder, I get an even wax pool after about an hour and I would rate scent throw as 8.