Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood scented candle review; Winter 2017 collection

Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood is a very very intense woody masculine cologne type of fragrance.

A disclaimer first, cologne fragrances are my least favorite type of home fragrances so from a personal perspective, this is a resounding no.


That aside, I am an avid buyer and sniffer of men’s colognes…on people. I like them on a person, I buy them, I even wear some myself, I just absolutely dislike having my home smell like a cologne.

So yeah, I tried Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood and I gave it to my brother straight away. I did get a good sniff first though, so the review still stands.

Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood smells like oud and sandalwood at the base and loads of bitter mandarine peels at the top, all blended together with vetivert for that cologne feeling.

Oud alone has many variants and with the success of Tom Ford perfumes it’s really making frontlines now.
It’s a very intense wood note. It has many undertones, generally I’d describe them as: dark, rubber and leather. Some people often add “rotting” wood when describing agarwood and there is a sticky, sort of “off” feeling to it.

In Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood the agarwood is heavy, there’s definitely a leather component and almost a burned undertone. The top mandarin peel notes don’t do much in terms of brightening, since the base is so intense, but they do amp up the bitterness.

It smells quite expensive and different and while I don’t want my house smelling like it, I can definitely appreciate the blend.

I hope you enjoyed my Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood scented candle review for Winter 2017 collection.