Village Candle Let it Snow scented candle review; Winter 2017 collection

Village Candle Let it Snow is an easy, simple take on a pretty basic winter vanilla fragrance.

Village Candle Let it Snow is a fairly simple scent. It’s base is a sweet, creamy vanilla, so it will be a good candle to keep around for potential scent layering. What saves it from being a generic vanilla is a smooth nutmeg note and a bit of brown sugar. The nutmeg is pretty mellow but it comes out nicely when burning.

I was actually expecting a sweet mint note here to get the “snow” bit or maybe even a minty pine undertone. I think I’ll actually mix it with a minty candle to get the fragrance I want.

Village Candle Christmas Holiday Winter 2017 Collection review

I’d layer this over staple Christmas tree scents that turn out too basic, I’d use it with a basic spiced cranberry fragrances to give them mote dimension and I actually tried it over Village Candle Grapefruit and Ebony Bark and it turned out yummy.

I hope you enjoyed my Village Candle Let it Snow scented candle review for Winter 2017 collection.