Village Candle Fantasy Collection

I saw the Village Candle Fantasy Collection at this store.


This collection will be out in April 2019. It has 5 new fragrances.

  1. Village Candle Unicorn Dreams smelling like a sour lemon, strawberries, hot pink sugared cherries and lime.
  2. Village Candle Mermaid Tales with notes of apple, melon, citrus and salty seawater.
  3. Village Candle Magic Spell with scent notes of apple, dark hibiscus, seawater together with gardenia and musk.
  4. Village Candle Forbidden Forest that smells like cedar wood, eucalyptus, fire and hints of patchouli.
  5. Village Candle Fairy Dust that smells like rich plum, raspberries, cedar wood, and warm amber.
    I love the theme of this. Yes, they jumped on the unicorn train but the theme is fantasy. And they did other complementing candles as well. I like the look, the labels, and reading the scent notes I’m sure they’ll smell good as well.

Village Candle did a revamp of their jars. They no longer look like Yankee Candle classic jars. They now have flatter chrome lids.