Village Candle Dahlia scented candle Review

Village Candle Dahlia is a new floral scent they brought out this Spring/Summer together with Pink Grapefruit and Lemon pistachio.

Village Candle Dahlia scented candle Review

Image by Village Candle

The official scent notes in Village Candle Dahlia are: dahlias, jasmine, honeysuckle, lilacs.

I smell lilacs, gardenia, jasmine and a bit of honeysuckle. The honeysuckle is faint, I think I smell it mostly because I know it’s there but it’s more of a white floral fragrance with lilacs thrown in.

Lilacs is a very potent note on its own and it gets perfumey fast. This is also quite on the floral perfume side, I wouldn’t say it’s a natural, garden full of lilacs, type of note. Unless you’re used to strong floral scents, I’d say go with a wax melt or a votive in this first. It’s strong and a full on two wick blast of this could be a migraine waiting to happen if you’re sensitive.

The scent throw on a quarter of a melted votive was a solid 9. That little bit of wax managed to scent my entire floor.