Village Candle Berry Cardamom review

Village Candle Berry Cardamom is a part of the new Metallic collection and comes in a berry colored metallc housewarmer jar with the classic Village Candle 2 wicks.


The entire Metallic collection’s common theme is a sensual twist to the classic scents. In Village Candle Berry Cardamom they took blackberry and cardamom and added a whole lot of white musk. The result is a cardamom spiced musk with a strong blackberry overlay.

Im not a big fan of the musk component here. The blackberry cardamom mix is fantastic. I can’t think of another candle with that particular pairing and if I could take the musk out and add some sugar and some lemon zest this would be the best spiced blackberry jam candle ever. However, with the fragrance being what it is, it leans perfumey.