Village Candle Berry Blossom review

Village Candle Berry Blossom is a new scent for the Summer season.

Village Candle Berry Blossom

Village Candle Berry Blossom smells like a mix of passion flower and raspberry. The raspberry is very fresh and tart, the passionflower is well done, a very balanced mix of fruity and floral. There are also a few leafy, grassy green notes, which I think make all the difference in this fragrance and save it from the dreaded average. The green notes make it lighter, more natural and summer, less fruity.
Since there are quite a few different things going on here they used quite a bit of musk to blend it all together but the end fragrance is not overly musky.
This could lean a bit perfumey if you’re used to fruit and floral mixes in perfumes, but I think the tartness of the raspberry and the fact they used a light hand with the musk saves it from going into perfume territory.

This scent will layer beautifully with all types of autumnal fruity and spicy scents so I’ll keep it for September, as a transition scent, when I pull out all my cider fragrances.