Village Candle Awakening review

Village Candle Awakening is a new scent from their Summer 2019 Limited Edition collection. It comes in jar forms only and all the jars have 2 wicks.

village candle spring summer 2017 collection review

Village Candle Awakening had me at chamomile. I’m a big fan of chamomile scent in spa type fragrances. It’s very clean and calming, it blends really well with both green and floral notes and it just a lovely scent. In Village Candle Awakening chamomile isn’t really dominating the overall fragrance. Burning Village Candle Awakening, I smell a very green lemon note and the fresh, herbal cilantro note first. But while those two notes could end up being green and fresh to the point of harshness, the chamomile really mellows them down, adds a bit of a honeyed sweetness and just rounds up the fragrance into a very spa-like scent.

village candle awakening review summer 2017

I blended this with Yankee’s Pineapple Cilantro just for kicks and it worked great.