Village Candle Acai Berry Tobac review

Village Candle Acai Berry Tobac is a new limited edition scent for Summer 2019.

village candle acai berry tabac review summer 2017

I was quite intrigued by this, due to the acai berry note that’s very unusual to see in home fragrance and the combination with a tobacco note.

Burning Village Candle Acai Berry Tobac it smells like berry flavored pipe tobacco. I can smell the acai, which smells like a mixture of currants and grape with a bit of raspberry thrown in. You get the sweetness of the grape, the tartness of the currants and the “red berry” juiciness from the raspberry. The tobacco note is as fresh as a tobacco note can get. If pipe tobacco automatically makes you think of stale cigarettes, this is not for you. But if you don’t mind pipe tobacco or hookah tobacco, then this will work just fine.

I wouldn’t burn it when I have guest coming over, because I do think it’s a required taste. I also wouldn’t burn it on a daily basis in my house, just on occasion I’d be going for a specific vibe.
As far as layering and in connection with the “specific vibe”, I’d layer this with Yankee’s Moroccan Argan Oil or the new scents from Yankee Viva Havana and –for a darker take on the same theme – Havana Nights.