Best Valentine’s Day Scented candles

Best Valentine’s Day Scented candles list can be a super easy collection of pink and rose scented candles or we can play around with the idea and see if we get anywhere more interesting. For 2019 there are a couple of lovely new scents out already that will work great as valentines day candles.

Yankee Candle also tends to release lovely gift sets every Valentines day so they basically do all the work for you.


Best Rose scented Valentine’s Day candles

If we stand by the idea that scented candles are a nice alternative or a nice pairing with the more classic gift of roses that you can’t really go wrong with a nice rose scented candle.

The issue is the scent itself. A rose scent in wax is difficult to capture well. Most rose scented candles smell musty and old and potpourri-ish, which is not something you want to give to a person unless you know that’s something that particular person actually enjoys. I tend to stay clear of basic rose scents just because I know that most people really dislike them in wax form.

My favorite – and so far only one I fully enjoy – rose scented candle is Yankee Candle’s Fresh Cut Roses. I feel it has enough green notes that it stays fresh even with the obvious rose base note.

Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses Review

Good rose scents are a bit of a white whale for scented candle lovers. Rose scent can very quickly go very wrong and you end up with the dreaded “old lady perfume” smell.

I’m a huge collector and all-around lover of roses. I have about 50 rose bushes growing all around my house and between May and October my rooms are stocked with vases filled with cut roses.

So you can say I’m a bit of a rose scent snob. Yankee Candle Fresh Cut roses scented candle is the perfect true to life fresh cut roses scent. I love how real it is and I burn this candle all through winter and early spring to get my rose scent fix while all my actual roses are hibernating.

Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses is my all day and evening scented candle for winter and spring and I burn it in my living room, sometimes bedroom and in my hall.

It’s a staple scented candle in my house and I even had it as my wedding candle. Being a rose aficionado it was a no brainer when it came to picking the scented candle for my wedding. I had large jars of Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses as parts of centerpieces on the tables and they looked beautiful and smelled even better.

Yankee Candle Sun Drenched Apricot Rose Review

Yankee Candle Sun Drenched Apricot Rose is primarily a fruit scented candle. I’d say about two-thirds of the fragrance is all fruit and then the bottom third is the floral portion. So if you dislike floral scented candles, don’t let the name of this candle fool you into thinking this is not for you.

Yankee Candle Sun Drenched Apricot Rose mostly smells like an apricot and peach blend. The apricot note is a bit on the overripe side, almost jam type smell. Before that super-ripe fruit note gets too annoying though, it’s saved with a fresh lemon top note so the overall fruity notes turn out very sweet, but still natural. The floral portion is a fresh rose smell, no potpourri, stale wardrobe smells here. Very well blended and nicely proportioned so that even the people who really dislike rose fragrances can honestly enjoy this candle.

The throw on Yankee Candle Sun Drenched Apricot Rose is a nice strong 8, which can actually be a bit much for a smaller room but will do great in a larger place.

Village Candle English Garden Review

I’ve been looking for an English garden candle forever and then one day I was browsing the Village Candle site and it was right.there. I mean, it’s called English Garden and everything! How did I not see it until now is a complete mystery since apparently, it’s not a new fragrance. Oh well, in the cart it went, of course.

Village Candle English Garden is a part of their Radiance Collection. I’m just getting into Village Candles so I’m not totally at home with all their different candle forms and I’ve never had a Radiance Village Candle before.

The Village Candle English Garden is a wooden wick candle which crackles while burning and you also get the burning wood smell. The candle comes in a glass tumbler with a label that covers the entire glass and a glass flat lit. It’s very pretty and looks posh so it would make a very nice and expensive looking gift.

village candle english garden review

Image by Village Candle

The official scent note of Village Candle English Garden scented candle  is a luscious floral bouquet.

I bought and burned the largest version of this candle which is the 21 oz. tumbler. This version has a 100 hours of burn time. Village Candle English Garden smells exactly like a summer home garden with tons of flowers. I absolutely love it; it’s the fragrance I’ve been looking for. I get rose, honeysuckle, geranium, violets and an undertone of green, like leaves and grass. Beautiful scent. And while I’m normally a fan of wooden wicks due to the crackling sound they make, the burning wood smell kind of doesn’t fit with the fragrance of this wax. I’ll definitely get this again but I’ll opt for the wax melts since all the candles in this scent have wooden wicks.

My large tumbler of Village Candle English Garden burned well, I had no burning issues, I got an even wax pool in about two hours and the scent throw is about an 8. I’d burn this year round but it’s especially perfect for spring and summer.

Best Peony scented Valentine’s Day candles

There are a few easy to get exceptions to that, the most obvious one being Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses. That’s a good, fresh rose scent and the most obvious choice for a Valentine’s Day gift. You can play around with peony scents. Most peony scented candles end up smelling like a watery rose scent with either a bit of a soapy undertone or a green note that’s been added to freshen up the rose base. Yankee and Village candle both have a nice peony candle, Yankee is even putting theirs into the Valentine’s Day gift sets so if you like the look of the accessories they have in those, you can be all set.

Yankee Candle Pink Peony Review

Yankee Candle Pink Peony came out in the USA for a spring collection. I got a tart of this in my last wax haul from the US and this is the last scent from the haul that I’ve tested.

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Pink Peony are: peony.

It’s a straight forward floral, pretty light for a pure Yankee floral but very nice. It’s the same scent as the UK version that for some reason is called Yankee Candle Peony.
While I do know that different sorts of peonies have different scents and the fragrance, in general, is in the same vein as a rose scent, this to me is more roses than peonies. It’s not old roses – which is a dreaded note in floral candles – but a nice, not overwhelming rose scent.

Since it’s the same as the UK version and I’ve melted that already, I played around with this one a bit and paired it with Yankee Candle Green Grass. At first, the Green Grass completely drowned it out but after I blew the candle out and only melted a scoop of wax with the Pink Peony tart, the mix was really good.

The scent throw on a third of my tart was a 7 but the overall strength of the scent is about 6. I had it melting next to my sofa in the living room and it didn’t give me a headache or got too much after a few hours.

Best floral scented Valentine’s Day candles

If you know or suspect that rose scents are not the thing to give, go with another floral. I looked around but most of the florals from the big companies have a distinctly unromantic look. I did find what I was looking for at Goose Creek though. Their Gardenia Petals and Blooming Magnolia look so pretty and classy and romantic, they’d make a perfect gift.

Goose Creek Candles Gardenia Petals Scented Candle Review

I bought Goose Creek Candles Gardenia Petals to burn in the summer because I like gardenia fragrances for that season. But when I got this home, it seemed more like an autumnal floral fragrance to me, so I waited until September to burn it properly.

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Gardenia Petals are: gardenia iris, tuberose, and jasmine, fresh lemon, orange blossoms, orris root, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk.

For something that has a plain “gardenia” in the name, this is a complex, warm scent. There’s not that much gardenia in here. I mean there is a gardenia note, but it’s blended with loads of neroli and jasmine in the middle notes. The base notes here are what gives this candle the awesomeness though. There are iris and sandalwood, warmed by sweet amber and then really blended together by white musk.

Overall, I’d say this is an oriental floral fragrance. The iris, jasmine and ambery sandalwood definitely take a white floral top note to a deeper, more intense plateau.

It’s quite strong, you’ll need either a large room or a small jar to avoid a potential headache.

Best chocolate scented Valentine’s Day candles

If you don’t want to be too on the nose (heh!) with the rose/floral scents, you can always go with chocolate scented candles, to take advantage of the second most obvious Valentine’s day theme. There’s the Bath and Body works Praline Pecan or Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle to grab easily. Or go with something fun and new and skirt the sweet theme and pick up the new Yankee Candle Honey Lavender Gelato. Pair it with a bouquet of lavender colored tulips or lilacs and you’re good.

Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle Review

Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle scented candle was released in an EU Spring collection four years ago. It was originally a part of the three-piece Cafe Culture collection together with Pain Au Raisin and Tarte Tatin and it is still available at my local Yankee Candle store. I have a medium jar that is almost half gone and a few votives. I use the Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle votives as a wax melt and I use a quarter of a votive at a time.

The notes in Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle: coffee, chocolate

I get more chocolate than I do coffee. It’s sweet and warm chocolate, not the dark bitter version. The coffee note is there but it’s sort of diluted, not like an espresso coffee but more like a mocha or a coffee with tons of milk and chocolate syrup. The Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle actually smells like a sweet Starbucks type chocolate coffee drink.

It’s a day scent for me and I burn it in my kitchen after we’re finished with the meal.

The medium jar version of Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle burns clean and even in my luminary, I get a nice wax pool after about two hours and the throw is medium.

The votives in this scent are pretty strong and I only melt a quarter of a votive at a time for it to lightly scent my kitchen.

Best boyfriend scented candles

Then there’s the boyfriend scented wax. The cologne scented candles have now become known as “boyfriend” candles in the wax community because they smell like a hot guy. While I’ll reserve my opinion on the term “boyfriend candle”, this seems like a fun option for Valentine’s day candle if you’re getting something for yourself or if you want to get a candle as a gift for a man. Cologne candles usually come in two variations. Anything “night” scented will be on the heavier, spicier side of cologne and anything “sea” scented will smell more like a men’s shower gel or a more citrusy, lighter cologne.