Previous Halloween scented candles and collections

This article is a fun mix of old reviews and previews of scented candles and accessories that are all Halloween themed. I’ll focus on the brands that interest me the most in candles and pretty much go all out on Halloween accessories from Yankee Candle including the famous Boney Bunch stuff.

Yankee Candle Black Magic

Yankee Candle Black Magic is the only brand new scent that Yankee has put out this Halloween. Personally I don’t care for scents this dark enough to buy them for myself but I can definitely still appreciate it when I get a good sniff. My friend has bought five tumblers of this because it’s an LE and she wanted to stock up. Turns out it’s a good thing she did, since I just checked and all but the smallest version are sold out already.


Image by Yankee Candle

The official notes in Yankee Candle Black Magic are: black leather, patchouli, musk, smoky incense and sweet vanilla

Burning Yankee Candle Black Magic, I’m reminded again how great Yankee’s patchouli note is. I can smell the incense first, then the strong tobacco note, the patchouli is definitely there and it’s as good as in Witches Brew, the musk note is blending everything together and then there’s a sweetness from the dark vanilla and the licorice. It’s such a unique and awesome scent, it’s dark and heavy, and perfect for Halloween vibe.

The scent throw on a large two wick tumbler is a solid 8. It’s very strong, you’ll need to put it in a large room to keep it from getting to much.

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow is the new scent for the 2017 Halloween collection from Yankee Candle. There has been a lot of happy buzz about this scent in the wax community and now that I’ve burned it I can say it was not just hype. Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow is a very different scent than what we normally get from Yankee in their Halloween collections. As I’ve mentioned somewhere before, this scent ties in well with their National Parks collection. It’s very natural, outdoorsy, very complex, interesting and different.

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow review Halloween 2017 limited edition

Is this going to appeal to the masses like say a basic candy corn scent would? No. Fragrances like spiced apple and candy are the ones you pick up and burn when you know you’ll have people popping in and you just want the house to smell yummy and simple. Fragrances like Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow you burn when you have the time to enjoy them for yourself, for their complexity and different aspects, not just becasue they are “nice”. Don’t get me wrong, Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow is a perfectly nice scent, there’s nothing odd about it or anything but it takes a bit more attention to fully enjoy it.

It’s the same with perfumes really, we all have a bottle (or ten) of perfumes that are “for us”. The ones you don’t put on for a day at the office or a date but you’ll put them on when you just want to enjoy them yourself.

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow smells mostly like a dry mix of pine needles and cedar wood. It’s basically a woody fragrance with a bunch of notes piled on top. On top of the woody base we get a citrus mix, the orange, lime and bergamot. Then a hint of the warming spices, the clove and cinnamon. The patchoulli is here, of course, what would a Halloween candle be without it. It’s on the green side, giving a cooling, almost herbal feel. There’s some amber at the bottom but not much, it’s more of a cool scent than warm, the amber acts more as a blender note here.

You can do so much with this fragrance in terms of layering. Personally I’ll definitelly amp up the citrus, amber and vanilla notes, because that’s just what I like in my woody scents but even just adding a simple pumpkin scent will work great.

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow is quite strong, keep in mind it has a bunch of intense notes so you don’t want this in a small room. The throw is a solid 8, I had it in the main hall and it did great.

Yankee Candle Forbidden Apple

Yankee Candle Forbidden Apple is the new scent that came out for Halloween 2016. I just got the votive and I’ll stick to the one I have. It’s a nice scent and definitely more of an everyday fragrance than Yankee Candle Black Magic. I’d say it works as a nice day candle for September and October.

Official scent notes in Yankee Candle Forbidden Apple are: apple, bergamot, black oak and vanilla noir.

Melting a quarter of my votive, it’s a very apple scent. All the other stuff is in the background, the apple dominates. Yankee always does great apple notes and this is no exception. It’s sweet but fresh. The complexity comes from the sweet, oaky bergamot background

I get the sweetness for the vanilla but that’s all I get from it. You almost need to know there’s vanilla in here to be able to identify it. The oak and bergamot are well blended and faint. If the bergamot is one of the notes that make you think of men’s cologne, then you’ll probably feel like it has a cologne-y aspect. Especially since the bergamot has that woody note clinging to it.

But it’s mostly an apple scent. Like you’re eating a nice apple when a guy with a bit of cologne on walks by you.

I do like it, but I’d do a “forbidden apple” scent that is a part of a Halloween collection  differently. I’ll try layering this with a tobacco leaf scent and add something boozey, like a sweetened whisky or bourbon. I’m thinking DW Home Black Orchid Tobacco and Yankee Candle Vanilla Bourbon. And maybe just the DW home Patchouli Tabac.

Yankee Candle Sweet Seduction

Yankee Candle Sweet Seduction is the second Halloween themed fragrance for 2017. It will come out instead of Candy Corn this year but it’s a new fragrance, not just a repackage of the classic candy corn scent.

Yankee Candle Sweet Seduction review halloween

Yankee Candle Sweet Seduction smells like the old candy corn candle, layered with a rich vanilla frosting note. The candy corn part is super sweet, candy type honey and caramel mix. Layered over that is the rich, creamy vanilla note. The resulting fragrance is very sweet but creamier than the pure candy version we had before. I much prefer this since I’m not a big fan of candy scents any way.

Candy corn candy is not a thing in Europe so I don’t care about “authenticity” of the scent but even if you personally want to smell the candy corn fragrance for Halloween, this still has enough of it that you won’t miss out.

Yankee Candle Sweet Seduction has a pretty strong throw and combining that with the sweetness of the overall fragrance, this should scent up a couple of rooms with no issues.


Yankee Candle Halloween 2018 Collection

Yankee Candle Halloween 2018 Collection is a bit smaller than generally expected.

Yankee Candle Halloween 2018 Collection Review

Yankee Candle usually makes a big deal out of Halloween and comes out with a few new Halloween themed scents as well as bringing back favorites. For Halloween 2018 they brought back Witches’ Brew and Sweet Seduction.

There are no new Halloween specific scents out for 2018, but they did release candles for their Fall 2018 collection, that they are now promoting for Halloween. The re-promotes are Sugared Cinnamon Apple, Blue Twilight Storm and Enchanted Moon.

From what I’m hearing in the wax community, Sweet Seduction is a bit lighter on the rum note this year and Witches’ Brew is unchanged.

There are quite a few formats you can get Witches’ Brew and Sweet Seduction in, so if you like pillars or prefer jars, you can get those two scents in pretty much any form you want.

I’ll do a separate post on the Boney Bunch 2018 and other new accessories.

Yankee Candle Halloween 2018 Collection preview

Scentsationals Trick or Treat scented Wax cubes Review

I was putting together the candles and melts I’ll use for my Halloween party and I came across a clam shell of Scentsationals Trick or Treat wax melts. I don’t like licorice, not the taste or the smell but I figured it could work for the party. I gave it a test melt and it turns out it doesn’t smell like licorice at all.

The official scent notes in Scentsationals Trick or Treat scented Wax cubes are: black licorice.

Melting Scentsationals Trick or Treat is smell apples, cinnamon, cloves, some sugar and some orange peels. Basically, it smells like spiced apple cider to me. There’s a lot of sugar in it but mostly, it’s a cider spice and apple fragrance.

The scent throw on one cube in one melter is an 8, it scented my living room in 15 minutes.

Yankee Candle Halloween 2017 Collection Preview

For 2017 Yankee Candle will have a black and gold Halloween theme, I saw some gold pumpkins and two toned candle holders.
It’s a bit more sophisticated look than what I expected from a Yankee Candle Halloween collection but I can see these accessories being more versatile and usable throughout the fall autumn season and not just for Halloween.

Yankee Candle Halloween 2017 Collection review

As for the Yankee Candle Halloween 2017 candles, we’ll get two candles we’ve seen before, last year’s Yankee Candle Forbidden Apple and the by now famous Yankee Candle Witches Brew.
We’ll also get one new scent for Yankee Candle Halloween 2017 and that is Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow.

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow will smell like blood orange, bergamot, cinnamon, incense, pine needles, carnation, patchouli, amber and cedar. So we’re talking a woody base with a spicy patchouli and incense middle and citrusy top notes.

Yankee Candle Haunted Hollow is something quite different for Yankee in terms of Halloween scents. I like that they went the spicy woody route this time and while I think one patchouli candle per collection is enough I don’t much mind two in a Halloween collection and can’t wait to get my hands on it and review it.

Bath and Body Works Halloween Collection 2016 scented candles Preview

As you can tell by the number of BBW candles reviewed on this blog, they are not my favorite company for home fragrance. It’s just a personal preference but there’s something about the majority of their fragrances that leaves me flat. In general, they tend to be much stronger than say an average Yankee or Village, and that’s too much for my house and my nose. Also, I had a hard time getting the candles in the first place, since I’m in central Europe and there are no physical stores here.

Last week though I saw that a well known European online store started carrying Bath and Body Works products, candles included. It’s an online store I have been shopping for perfume at for years and I know they have a local page for all European countries, with loads of deals and they often do free shipping so I’m totally comfortable recommending them. The actual name of the store varies from country to country but you can tell it’s the same store since the page design is the same.

Anyway, since the BBW candles are readily available to me now, I think I’ll be trying more of their scents in the future, starting with their Halloween 2016 Collection.

They’ll put three scents into the BBW Halloween 2016 Collection; Bath and Body Works Halloween Vampire Blood, Bath and Body Works Halloween Boo, Bath and Body Works Halloween Purrfect Pumpkin. From what I heard, none of these are brand new fragrances but Vampire Blood is the freshest of the lot. Boo is Marshmallow Vanilla bean, Vampire Blood is Strawberry and a bit of plum, with a faint floral undertone and Purrfect Pumping is the sam e as Pumpkin Carving.

Goose Creek Candle Halloween Collection

Goose Creek Candle is going all out with their Halloween 2018 Collection.

They are bringing out a bunch of new Halloween themed scents and they are well co-ordinated co we’ll be able to mix and layer them as we please to make our own seasonal blends if we feel like it.


The new candles for Goose Creek Candle Halloween 2018 Collection are:

Goose Creek Candle Beautiful Creatures 2018

Goose Creek Candle Candy Corn

Goose Creek Candle Forbidden Elixir

Goose Creek Candle Ghost Stories

Goose Creek Candle Marshmallow Buddies

Goose Creek Candle Pumpkin Patch

Goose Creek Candle Strange Things

Goose Creek Candle Trick or Treat

Some people are dissapointed by what Yankee Candle brought out for Halloween 2018. I understand the point, since Halloween used to be a big deal at Yankee and this year it seems to be almost a pass in terms of fragrance and even accessories to an extent.

But I don’t see a reason to fuss over lack of choice at Yankee if we have so many choices at Goose Creek. For us consumers, it’s fine if a company decides to take a pass on something. There are always other companies out there who went all out so if you have money to burn (see what I did there?) we have so many good candles here.


Goose Creek Candles released a big Halloween collection the previous year as well. These only came in their large jars with these cool labels. I don’t know if the scents are totally new for this collection, but they sound awesome.

Goose Creek Candles Poison Berry smells like black raspberry, black currant and fresh tangerines, vanilla blossom, white musk and blonde woods.

Goose Creek Candles Poison Apple smells like pomegranate, white peach and bright apple, vanilla, sugar and sandalwood.

Goose Creek Candles Midnight Kiss  smells like pear, blackberry and fresh raspberry, osmanthus, pomegranate, peach & prune, musk, sugarcane and white amber.

Goose Creek Candles Haunted Pumpkin Patch smells like vanilla and pumpkin pie.

Goose Creek Candles Ghostly Vanilla smells like French vanilla cream, toasted coconut & caramel butter .

Goose Creek Candles Fright Night that smells like bergamot and juniper, lavender and geranium, amber, sandalwood and indian vetiver.

Goose Creek Candles Forbidden Elixer that smells like oak, cashmere woods, sandalwood and tonka, rosemary, lemon, lavender and rose.

Goose Creek Candles Bad Bloodt smells like cherry, butter and apple, pecans and cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, tonka and musk.

I mean…most of these don’t even sound like something I’d like and I still want them all just for the looks and as a collection. But if I get the chance, I’d definitelly try out Bad Blood, Ghostly Vanilla, Haunted Pumpkin Patch and Poison Apple.

Yankee Candle Halloween 2015 scented candle Collection Preview

These are the Yankee Candles available for 2015 Halloween. I think all except the Yankee Candle Black Magic and Yankee Candle Halloween Trio are returning scents, although I’m not sure if the Yankee Candle Trick or Treat Swirl candle was available last year. I know the scents in it were, though.

Halloween is not a thing in my country so we never get any of this stuff but oh well, that’s what the internet is for. I think.

Yankee Candle Halloween 2015 Collection includes:

Yankee Candle Black Magic scented candle that smells like black leather, patchouli, smoky incense and sweet vanilla. It only comes in tumblers.

Yankee Candle Candy Corn scented candle that smells like candy corn and it was available last year. I think the label and the ombre glass is new, though. This comes in a medium jar, votives, tealights and tarts.

Yankee Candle Witches’ Brew scented candle that smells like patchouli and it was available last year. I think this label and the glass are also new. This comes in a medium jar, votives, tealights and tarts.

Yankee Candle Happy Halloween scented candle that smells like black licorice, anise and cloves. It’s the same as last year and only available in large jars this year.

Yankee Candle Trick or Treat Swirl scented candle that smells like Candy Corn and Buttercream.

Yankee Candle Halloween Trio scented candle that smells like Candy Corn, Ghostly Treats and Happy Halloween.

Village Candle  Halloween Limited Edition Collection Preview

Village Candle released a limited edition collection this Halloween that includes 6 new fragrances. Harves Moon and Patchouli Peppercorn look like they’d be perfect for Halloween burning. I’ve tried Campfire Tales and it’s delicious. Apple Pumpkin is the most expected scent and they’re jumping on the boozy bandwagon with Decadence.

The 6 candles in the Village Candle Halloween Collection are:

Village Candle Apple Pumpkin scented candle

Village Candle Campfire Tales scented candle

Village Candle Decadence scented candle

Village Candle Salted Caramel scented candle

Village Candle Harvest Moon scented candle

Village Candle Patchouli Peppercorn scented candle

Yankee Candle 2017 Boney Bunch Halloween Collection

2017 Boney Bunch collection is their 10-year “Scare-iversary”, and Yankee Candle went with a murder-mystery theme for the collection.

New 2017 limited edition fragrances will also be available this weekend along with the 2017 Boney Bunch collection that will include 17 brand new pieces, some of them will be available in stores, while others will be online exclusives.

We’ve seen the Boney Suspects piece in the initial leaks and now the other pieces are floating around the interwebs as well. There will be a Boney Holmes candle holder, Scare Squad candle holder, Boney on Board candle holder, Bye Mr. Bones candle holder, Professor Boney in the Library candle holder, Honeymooners candle holder, Thirst Aid Candle Holder, Death By Chocolate candle holder, Head Chef candle holder, A little party never killed anybody candle holder, Nine Lives Later candle holder, Crocks revenge candle holder, Hotel Pet Service candle holder, Express Checkout candle holder.

Yankee Candle 2016 Boney Bunch Halloween Collection

Yankee Candle came out with 16 new Boney Bunch designs for Halloween 2016. I know there are some serious collectors of the Boney Bunch line and there has already been some frustrations with online orders being canceled due to low stock so I hope Yankee will restock and everybody will be able to get their hands on their fave Boney for a decent price instead of through ebay scalpers.

These don’t come into any store near me. In fact, I don’t think any of the European stores get them at all, so I’m going to live vicariously through USA people’s haul posts.

If I could, I’d most likely get the Boney Bunch After Party Haunted House jar and tealight holders.

The others in the collection are: Boney Bunch  Pet Cemetery,  Scary Poppins, Bone Appetit, Boos Bus, Buries Hilton, Cat Nap Cat Lady, Dead on My Feet, Fetch Candy, Last Tango Look What the Cat Dragged in, Boney Bunch Party Crashers, Pick Your Poison, Punch Rockers, Skull Cracker.