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best coconut scented candle
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Best Coconut Scented Candles List

Coconut is one of my all time favorite fragrance notes. I enjoy coconut in perfume and home fragrance as well. I like to pair fragrance to season, weather and current mood. I do this with both perfume and wax so I guess it kind of explains my large collections of both. With coconut based fragrance, […]

yankee candle granny smith review
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Best Apple scented candles

I’ve put together a list of best apple scented candles. I feel like apple scents are normally burned in autumn. There are normally apple and spice scented candles out there. Every now and then you can find a plain non-spiced apple scent and these layer really well with berry and plum or citrus for a […]

scented candle jar
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Best kitchen scented candles

Kitchen scented candles are a bit tricky for me but they are also an absolute must in my kitchen. I don’t like strong scents in the kitchen, because I feel like I need to smell the food I’m preparing. I usually opt for bakery notes or citrus scented candles for that room. Bakery notes for […]

best cotton scented candles
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Best Cotton scented candles reviews

Cotton scented candles were my first home fragrance love. I was burning and melting cotton scented wax almost exclusively for at least a year before I started on other types of scents as well. Cotton scented candles are extremely versatile and generally not at all offensive to guest or family members. They work well as […]

Yankee Candle Summer Peach scented candle Review
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Best Peach Scented Candles

I believe peach scented candles are amazing for both spring and summer season. I really like peach notes in summer drink types of fragrances which we can buy most often but I feel like peach often gets lost in those mixed fruits scents. I also love sweeter, more foody scents like a cobbler or a […]