dw home carnival spring 2019 collection

New Spring and Summer 2019 scented candle collections Previews

In this article I’ll collect all the information on the upcoming Spring and Summer collections for 2019 for the brands that interest me most. I’ll keep updating it as the news trickle in.

Village Candle Summer collection

Village Candle  Summer 2019 collection is now available in Europe and should soon be in stores in the USA as well.


The new chrome lids took some getting used to but I’m liking them more and more.

I’ll probably get all of these candles in medium jars. I feel like this will be a great collection and I can’t wait to start burning these.

Grapefruit Turmeric Tonic smells like sandalwood, turmeric, grapefruit, amber.

Fresh Cut Peony scent notes are sakura blossom, peony, rose, leafy greens

English Flower Shop scent notes are cherry blossom, sweet pea

Sea Salt Surf with scent notes water florals, marine, moss, cedarwood

Dolce Delight with scent notes rich vanilla, wildflower honey, coconut milk

Dark Chocolate Rose with scent notes strawberries, rose water, dark chocolate

Dancing Daisies with scent notes freesia, bamboo, muguet

Cherry Coffee Cordial with scent notes dark berries, coffee, sandalwood

Wild Rose with scent notes rose, peony, mandarin, sandalwood

Sea Salt Cucumber

Loads of these will work great as Valentine’s Day candles. The Dark Chocolate Rose especially seems to be made for a romantic occasion.


Bath and Body Works Destinations Collection

Bath and Body Works updated their Destinations line with spring scents or rather spring names.  I haven’t sniffed any of them personally but from what I read and saw online about this collection none of the scents in the Spring 2016 Destinations collection are new apart from maybe the Paris one that’s supposed to be a bakery and floral mix that should work for the people that miss the famous Pink Petal Tea Cake fragrance. Not that it’s a dupe or anything, it’s just in the floral/bakery line.


Bath and Body Works Destinations Collection has the following scents:
Bath and Body Works Paris – Lavender Macaron
Bath and Body Works Brazil – Rio Coconut & Teakwood
Bath and Body Works Capri – Fresh Water & Sea Salt
Bath and Body Works Amsterdam – Spring Tulips
Bath and Body Works Hawaii – Oahu Coconut Sunset
Bath and Body Works London – Tea and Lemon
Bath and Body Works New York – Beautiful Day
Bath and Body Works Savannah – Bow Ties and Bourbon
Bath and Body Works Tahiti – Passion Flower
Bath and Body Works Venice – Peach Bellini

Village Candle Spring  Collection Preview

Village Candle Spring Collection has 5 brand new scents and one that we’ve seen before.

The new scents for Spring 2019 are:

Village Candle Honey Patchouli,

Village Candle Berry Blossom,

Village Candle Ginger Pear Fizz,

Village Candle Glacial Spring,

Village Candle Sage and Celery

And the oldie that’s also included in this collection is Village Candle Honey Creme.

Honey Creme was a part of a Fall collection before but since this collection also includes Honey Patchouli, another scent I’d put into a Fall collection, it’s obviously an angle they’re going for deliberately.

Celery is not a note I’d ever want in a home fragrance. While I totaly appreciate sage, the celery…I just don’t see it. But I’ll definitelly give it a snoff when I can. The only one I’m excited about here is Ginger Pear Fizz and I’d love to try out the honey ones, but I’d prefer them in the Fall and late Summer.

Colonial Candle Spring Collection

Colonial Candle Spring Collection 2019  includes 6 new scents in their classic oval jars and wax melts:

Colonial Candle Cotton Candy,

Colonial Candle Ocean Breeze,

Colonial Candle Peach Bellini,

Colonial Candle Persian Fig,

Colonial Candle Raspberries & Cream,

Colonial Candle Wisteria

Colonial Candle Spring Collection 2018 Preview

White Barn Spring Collection

Another collection for Spring from Bath and Body Works is the White Barn. You can only get these in White Barn stores but online, you can get them through the Bath and Body Works site.
bath and body works white barn spring collection review

All of the Spring fragrances are returning except maybe the Mahogany Coconut one that could be new but people in the wax community say it’s the same as the Brazil candle from the updated Bath and Body Works Destinations line.

The scents in the Bath and Body Works White Barn Spring Collection are:

Bath and Body Works White Barn Mahogany Coconut
Bath and Body Works White Barn Pure White Cotton
Bath and Body Works White Barn Watermelon Lemonade
Bath and Body Works White Barn Georgia Peach
Bath and Body Works White Barn Pineapple Mango
Bath and Body Works White Barn Bergamot Waters
Bath and Body Works White Barn Eucalyptus Mint
Bath and Body Works White Barn Fresh Cut Lilacs
Bath and Body Works White Barn Fresh Lavender
Bath and Body Works White Barn Mahogany Teakwood
Bath and Body Works White Barn Vanilla Bean
Bath and Body Works White Barn Wine Cellar

Bath and Body Works Spring 2019 Collection

For Spring 2019 Bath and Body Works released a bunch of new candles. The candles are broadly divided into a foody, sweet, gourmand part with some other staple scents added and the more transitional, almost summer part.

The best selling or rather so far most popular candles are Banana Bundt Cake and Key Lime Pie.


Bath and Body Works Key Lime Pie

This is a very sweet meringue pie scent. I get the fluffy meringue, which has a lot of sweet vanilla added. There’s the coveted pie crust note here as well but on the light side. The lime is nice and juicy, not too candy-like. Then there’s the tequila note that I find very sharp. It does go well with the lime but it’s a bit too strong for my taste. Keep in mind I’m not a fan of booze notes though.

Bath and Body Works Angel Food Cupcake

Angel food cake is not a thing in Europe and honestly, I’ve never even heard of it until this Spring 2019 season when both BBW and Goose Creek Candles came out with this scent. 

It smells like white cake, sweet vanilla and a bit of an odd cherry undertone. Apart from the cherry, it’s a pretty basic vanilla cake scent. I can’t tell you if it’s authentic or not. The cake is a lighter version than I’m used to from BBW cake notes.

Bath and Body Works Banana Bundt Cake

Burning Banana Bundt Cake I get a candy-ish banana that is very strong but the candy-like artificial sweetness bothers me in this mixture. Its base is a standard but light vanilla cake. The banana definitely dominates here though. There is supposed to be a nut note but I can’t smell it.

Bath and Body Works Hot Fudge Sundae

Hot Fudge Sundae smells like a hot fudge syrup that you buy at the store. There is a vanilla note here as well. Not really an ice-cream that I was expecting but pretty much just like a vanilla icing fragrance.

I dislike chocolate notes from BBW so this is not for me. It’s a classic BBW chocolate, very sweet but sort of watery chocolate. If you’ve enjoyed other chocolate scents from them though I’m sure you’ll like this.

This would also be a lovely layering fragrance, especially with some good coffee or basic cake or cookie candles.

Bath and Body Works Pink Petal Tea Cake

This is a cult favorite fragrance that is finally out in a regular collection. It’s a lovely scent. I do understand that it is unique but still has the mass appeal that usually makes a best seller.

It smells like a mix of sugared rose petals with a vanilla cupcake and has a  hint of strawberry that gives the overall fragrance a freshness.

Bath and Body Works Pineapple Crumb Cake

Pineapple Crumb Cake smells like juicy pineapple with a lot of brown sugar and a pie crust note. I wouldn’t call it a cake fragrance, it’s more of a pineapple pie scent to me.

Bath and Body Works White Caramel Cold Brew

The notes in this are mostly caramel and I do get a light coffee note with maybe a bit of cream added. I do like this even though I’m not normally a fan of BBW coffee notes. This is just light enough that it works for me.

Bath and Body Works Coastal Morning

This is just a pomelo and sea salt mixture. I normally like pomelo and grapefruit notes but this one smells a bit off to me. I’d definitely need to layer this with either a beach wood fragrance or maybe even a sage and citrus candle to really get the “coastal morning” fragrance I expected.

Bath and Body Works Sundrenched Linen

This is an expected cotton scent with an apple blossom fabric softener overlay. I like candles like this, I burn them as a day candle and they are extremely guest friendly.

Bath and Body Works Orchard Blossom

This is an apple blossom note with a body lotion vibe to it.

Bath and Body Works  Sun Washed Petals

Smells like white summer floral and sandalwood mix. The sandalwood is light enough and the floral is a mix of tiare and plumeria.

Bath and Body Works Sea Salt and Sandalwood

Burning Sea salt and Sandalwood it mixes very well with Sun washed petals. Alone, it’s a bit meh. I get a generic, white musk spa fragrance. But when you mix the two, the effect is very clean, relaxing but complex at the same time.

Bath and Body Works White Tea & Sage

Another “spa” type of scent. It has a tea note that I enjoyed. The sage bit is vague. I can smell that something is added to the tea but honestly it just smells like a herbal tea to me. But it also has a strong bergamot note that I find takes the fragrance into a cologne territory. I’d much prefer it without the bergamot and with a  lemon note instead but it is what it is.

Bath and Body Works The Perfect Spring

ThePerfect Spring again has the apple blossom note but this one is paired with a vague green grass note and some white musk. The musk sort of gives it a body lotion feeling but I’d say it would work as a relaxing, spa candle.

Kringle Candle Easter Collection

Kringle Candle are doing some makeovers for their candles in 2019.

I just browsed the Kringle candle site and I’m seeing a bunch of new jars and different looking scented candles.

kringle candle easter 2019 collection review

They released a rather big Easter 2019 Collection. There are 6 new scents in the collection. In the ye olden days, Kringle was recognisable for using white wax only. This collection is all pastel colored wax. They also veered away from the tall, fancy looking jars and went with a medium sized tumblers here.

The Easter collection is in vintage styling ribbed jar with hammered lid. All the Easter candles are 12oz, soy wax with three wicks. There is no label on the jar the candles have  bottom label only. Burn time on these is 35 to 50 hours and they have the standard lead-free cotton wicks.

The scented candles in the Kringle Easter 2019 limited edition collection are:

Kringle Candle Bunny Love

Kringle candle Easter Lilly

Kringle Candle Jelly Beans

Kringle Candle Meadow

Kringle Candle Spring Rain

Kringle Candle Strawberry Lemon

Country Candle Spring 2019 Collection

For this Spring Country Candle came out with a 4 candle collection.

Two of the four scented candles in this collection are brand new and two have been available since last year.

Country Candle is made by Kringle Candle and while Kringle is playing around with the look of their candles this year, the Country Candle line seems to be keeping up the classic jar and large label look.

The candles in the Spring 2019 collection are:

Country Candle Summerset

Country Candle Citrus and Seagrass

Country Candle Blushberry Frose

Country Candle Daydreams

country candle spring 2019 collection review

Goose Creek Candle Easter 2019 Collection

Goose Creek Candle Easter 2019 Collection has three new scented candles that are Easter holiday themed.




The new candles are:

Goose Creek Bunny Cupcakes scented candle

Goose Creek Jelly Beans scented candle

Goose Creek Breezy Tulips scented candle

Goose Creek Splish Splash scented candle

I am most excited for my Bunny Cupcakes to get here because I just love the label and the simple cake scent is perfect for guests and entertaining as well.

This will definitely be a part of my Easter decorations.

Splish Splash is more of a general spring candle I just know I’ll love since it’s a mixture of various fruits and I can burn it longe after Easter and well into summer.

Bath and Body Works Coast to Coast Collection

Bath and Body Works have been releasing new collection left and right this Summer. I feel like I find a new batch of scents every time I open the website. The latest I’ve seen is called Bath and Body Works Coast to Coast Collection.

Bath and Body Works Collection summer .

Bath and Body Works Coastal Jasmine smells like sweet, slightly powdery jasmine mixed with an ozone and water note. BBW fans online are saying that it’s very close to Bath and Body Works Jasmine Water.

Bath and Body Works summer collection

Bath and Body Works White Driftwood smells like orange blossom and jasmine at the top over a cedar wood base with a sea salt note mixed in. It’s like a masculine, clean and fresh deodorant.

Bath and Body Works Seaside Mist smells like a fresh, aquatic men’s cologne. I get mostly bergamot and cedar wood. It’s close to Bath and Body Works Blue Sandalwood and Bath and even closer to Body Works Whitewater Rush.

Bath and Body Works Coast to Coast Collection summer

Bath and Body Works Beach Sage & Mist is a strong herbal mix. There’s a fresh cucumber scent at the base here with herbal sage, thyme and mint piled on top. It would be super fresh, earthy and natural if they left it at that, but there’s a fairly strong bergamot note in here as well, taking the lot back to the men’s cologne territory.

Bath and Body Works Collection for Summer 2019 preview

Bath and Body Works France Collection for Summer includes 6 candles, some are brand new scents and some are repackages.

BBW Merci Paris scented candle smells like body lotion with a soft white floral mix, some blackcurrant and a vague creamy sweet undertone.

BBW Paris Cafe scented candle smells like coffee with a nutty undertone.

BBW White Peach scented candle smells like a bright and juicy peach with a tart grape undertone.

BBW St Tropez Shore scented candle smells like a powdery, musky mix of white florals and citrus with a bit of melon. It smells quite perfumey.

BBW White Jasmine scented candle smells like jasmine with a hint of orange blossom and musk.

BBW Creme Caramel scented candle smells like caramel and coffee with loads of added sugary vanilla.

bath and body works paris collection summer

In terms of scent strength of fragrance, word around the interwebz is that BBW St Tropez Shore is the weakest and BBW White Jasmine is the strongest of the bunch. If you know your BBW candles, some of these France candles are said to be repackages; BBW Paris Café was previously out as Espresso Bar and BBW Creme Caramel was Pumpkin Caramel Latte.

Dw Home Carnival Collection Spring 2019 Preview

Dw Home came out with a boardwalk or rather carnival themed collection of candles for Spring 2019 season.

dw home carnival spring 2019 collection

The candles in the collection are all gourmand and if the popularity of the old BBW Sweet Shop collection is anything to go by they’ll be a big hit.

The candles in the collection are:

DW Home Ice Cream Sandwich

DW Home Salt Water Taffy

DW Home Churro

DW Home Root Beer

DW Home Butter popcorn

While I’m not a huge carnival food fan, this collection looks adorable. I have no idea what to expect from the churro candle and the butter popcorn can go either amazing or really bad. I hope I’ll get a chance to try at least some of these.