Friday, September 13, 2019
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kringle candle easter 2019 collection review

Kringle Candle Easter 2019 Collection Preview

Kringle Candle are doing some makeovers for their candles in 2019. I just browsed the Kringle candle site and I'm seeing a bunch...

Goose Creek Candles Spring 2019 Collection Preview

The new Spring 2019 collection from Goose Creek is bringing us a bunch of new scents and from what I've read online...
profissimo DM scented candles pink grapefruit review spring summer 2017 collection

DrogerieMarkt DM Profissimo scented candle collection Spring Summer Review

My local DM Drogeriemarkt store just got the Spring/Summer 2019 scented candles in. It's their store brand of candles called Profissimo candles and they...
Bath and Body Works Spring 2017 Spa Day Collection review scented candles

Bath and Body Works Spa Day Collection Preview

Bath and Body Works will be releasing their Spring Spa Day Collection by the end of December. They went the EU Yankee route with...

Yankee Candle Easter 2019 Review

Yankee Candle Easter 2019 collection will bring us 3 new Easter-themed fragrances. As per usual Yankee is doing sweet, confectionary-themed scented candles for...