Kringle Candle Summer 2018 Haul

My Kringle Candle Summer 2018 Haul includes basically all the new seasonal scents I could find. I picked up the smallest versions of each scent becasue this is just a scent test haul, not a proper “scent my home” haul.

kringle candle country summer 2018 haul new

Loving fragrance like I do (it’s the same thing with my perfumes) I get most excited about scent test hauls like these. I dive into all the newness and then really take my time testing a fragrance, playing around with different combinations. Like with perfumes, I have my favorites, stuff I have actual bottles of and large jar candles…and I’ll use those and enjoy them but I love trying out new things even more.

My Kringle candle and Country candle haul for summer 2018:

Kringle Candle Fiji
Kringle Candle Far, Far Away
Kringle Candle Rose All Day
Kringle Candle Lavender Blueberry
Kringle Candle Pink Champagne
Kringle Candle Blushberry Frose
Kringle Candle Daydreams
Kringle Candle Pistachio Gelato

I hope you enjoyed my Kringle and Country Candle Summer 2018 Haul.