Kringle Candle Fiji Review Summer 2018

Kringle Candle Fiji is a brand new scent from Kringle candle for the 2018 summer season. This scent is available in the old Kringle Candle line and in the new Country Candle line.

kringle candle fiji scented candle review summer fall 2018

The notes in the candle description are: Kiwi Blossom, Mandarin, Muguet, Frangipani, Green Coconut, Orchid, Pear, Amber, Musk, Pineapple Nectar and Vanilla.

Burning the Kringle Candle Fiji candle, the fragrance is really complex and definitely not a generic coconut and suntan oil smell that I was half expecting.

I smell a lot of Tahitian Vanilla, which has a very floral vibe as opposed to your standard foody vanilla. On top of that base there’s a whole bunch of florals that lean quite perfume-y and the fruit notes don’t really show up individually but you know there’s the citrus and pineapple mixed in with the flowers.  Since the vanilla is on the perfume side and then the floral notes added are muguet and orchid, the overall fragrance reads like a summer women’s perfume to me. It can just be my fragrance framework talking here though. I tend to connect certain scent notes to perfumes; orchid is one of them, stuff like vetiver is another…so whenever I get these notes as rather dominate, my mind goes into the “people perfume” territory instead of “home fragrance”


I hope you enjoyed my Kringle Candle Fiji Review for Summer 2018 and I’ll talk to you soon!