Kringle Candle Easter 2019 Collection Preview

Kringle Candle are doing some makeovers for their candles in 2019.

I just browsed the Kringle candle site and I’m seeing a bunch of new jars and different looking scented candles.

kringle candle easter 2019 collection review

They released a rather big Easter 2019 Collection. There are 6 new scents in the collection. In the ye olden days, Kringle was recognisable for using white wax only. This collection is all pastel colored wax. They also veered away from the tall, fancy looking jars and went with a medium sized tumblers here.

The Easter collection is in vintage styling ribbed jar with hammered lid. All the Easter candles are 12oz, soy wax with three wicks. There is no label on the jar the candles have  bottom label only. Burn time on these is 35 to 50 hours and they have the standard lead-free cotton wicks.

The scented candles in the Kringle Easter 2019 limited edition collection are:

Kringle Candle Bunny Love

Kringle candle Easter Lilly

Kringle Candle Jelly Beans

Kringle Candle Meadow

Kringle Candle Spring Rain

Kringle Candle Strawberry Lemon