Introduction to Best Of Candles

This will be a blog reviewing current well known scented candles available in Europe and some other scented candles I happen to pick up.

A couple of things that should be noted at the beginning:

I have a very sensitive nose and reading about Yankee Candle throw issues and people burning 4 Yankee Candle candles in a room at a time to get a scent, I cannot relate at all. I mostly buy small jars and tarts because I find the large ones to be too overwhelming scent wise and when I burn a small jar the scent fills my room in a matter of minutes so I only burn it for a half an hour at a time, leave it open for an hour or two and then burn it for another half hour. That is the only way I can keep the scent strength at a level I like. Longer burning times and larger candles give me too much scent throw and I need to open a window.

scented candle jars
Image by yankee Candle

I only burn large and medium jars in my great hall that has a very high cathedral ceiling and it is basically a large multi-story open space and it’s not a space I would spend long periods of time. I only walk through it and when I leave the doors to my other rooms open, I can get a light scent into all of the open rooms.

Those are the reasons I won’t be commenting on throw or strength since I find them all strong. That and the complexity and quality of scents are the reason I buy Yankee Candles. For me, they are a high-quality product in those aspects and I enjoy them very much. I love accenting my day by burning different Yankee Candles at different times and occasions.

I also melt Yankee Candle votives and tarts but when I do I only use a quarter of a Yankee Candle votive and a third of a Yankee Candle tart and I find that throws enough scent for me.

When I burn large and medium jars of Yankee Candles I do it in a large candle holder luminary and since that helps the heat to distribute more evenly I don’t ever have tunneling issues with them. I always get a nice even wax pool in about two hours so I will not be commenting on the level of burn performance since so far I’ve had zero burn issues with any of them. It might be my luminary or just luck with getting really good candles but in all the years I’ve been burning Yankee Candles I’ve never had a bad candle. I get some scents I don’t like at all but that’s just personal taste and definitely not an issue as such.

Image by Yankee Candle

I live in Europe and there is a local Yankee Candle store. There are no coupons or discounts other than the Yankee Candle” Scent of the month” discount so I don’t normally do major hauls as it’s just not cost effective. I tend to stock up on a scent if it’s a limited edition and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it but sadly there just aren’t any good deals that would justify large Yankee Candle hauls in my area.

I buy all my Yankee Candle jars locally and all the Yankee Candle tarts and candle votives online. If I find a Yankee Candle online store that offers decent shipping I stock up on new scents in votives and tarts and if I find any especially awesome I go buy some jars from my local Yankee Candle store.

I’m not a Yankee Candle collector; I’m a Yankee Candle burner so I won’t be reviewing any hard to find Yankee Candles and Ebay only Yankee Candles. All I burn and write about is available from either my local Yankee Candle store or from online Yankee Candle stores that have decent shipping fees. That means I usually don’t have any US scents but I try and make do with what I can get my budgeted hands on.

scented candle jar
Image by DM

Other scented candles I enjoy, buy and burn regularly are Goose Creek Candles, Village Candles, and Kringle.

I also buy burn and review other scented candles I come across in the stores in my area. Years of scented candle burning sort of put me off certain widely available brands and steered me more toward Yankee Candles, but I still buy an occasional scented candle from other brands if I find it interesting or especially pretty.