Ikea scented candles

Ikea scented candles are one of the best cheap scented candles that are easy to find.

They come in a variety of forms, everything from classic one wick jar candles to larger, three or four wick candles.

Ikea does seasonal scents. They also scent some of their pillar candles and they always have a bunch of nice candleholders and candelabras out.


Ikea candle holders are some of my favorites for a quick candle-themed gift or when you want to spruce up a room on a budget. They tend to have a very classic, clean look to them.

Ikea also does taper candles and those paired with their candlestick holders are a really good investment if you want to go for a more fancy, candle-lit dinner type of thing.


The Ikea scented tealights are not my favorite as I find that they don’t really give much scent at all. Out of the 2019 selection I like the apple scented ones the most.

I do like their floating tealights though! They are such a great decoration for summer parties.


Ikea Bracka (BRÄCKA ) scented candle review

Another review of the Ikea candles I picked up at the new Ikea in Zagreb. This is a review of the set of three scented candles called Bracka (BRÄCKA ). I got the beige set and I burn them all at the same time to get a scent throw and because they look so cute when used as a set.

ikea bracka scented candles review

Ikea Bracka set of three candles includes three scented candles in glass jars and complementing wax colors. The jars are 5 cm high and you get about 17 hours burn time out of each.

The beige set of the Bracka candles official scent notes are: chocolate, nuts, fudge.

I get a store-bought chocolate chip cookies scent, some caramel and a soft butter note. I don’t really get a nutty scent but this is such a good fragrance, it’s light and not super sweet and won’t give you a headache even if you leave the candles burning for a whole day.

I got a very light scent throw, I burned these on my kitchen table and the area around the table got scented in about an hour but the far corners of the room got hardly any scent. Considering that these are very small candles and that I burned three at the same time I would rate the scent throw as 4.

I had no burning issues with these candles, I burn them out on the table, no luminary or other accessories and I get a nice clean burn.

Ikea SINNLIG Lilac scented candle review

Sinnlig Lilac scented candle from Ikea is a new scent for me, I’ve never tried it before but during my latest trip to Ikea I spotted Sinnlig candles 50% off so I got a whole bunch of different scents to try out. I opted for the larger version of Sinnlig scented candles that come in a glass jar and have lids.

This review is of the purple Lilac Sinnlig scented candle.

The Sinnlig scented candles come in a smallish 9cm tall glass jar and have up to 40 hours of burn time in them. They have a single wick and a plastic lid. There’s also a smaller version of these candles that have no lids but I opted for the bigger versions.

The purple Sinnlig candles are called “Sinnlig Lilac blossom”. The official scent notes of the Sinnlig Lilac Blossom are: Lilac, floral garden.

I get pure lilac blooms backed by other floral scents. I can smell some hyacinth, rose, and honeysuckle. It’s a very sweet floral scent; the lilac note is quite true to life. I find the actual lilac blossom smell a bit too overpowering for me, I have two large lilac bushes in my flower garden and I love the scent when they’re in full bloom but I can’t have bouquets of lilac blossoms in my house, they just smell too strong to me. The Sinnlig Lilac candle has a softer lilac scent and the Ikea candles aren’t really super strong so there’s no fear of a scent-induced headache.

I didn’t get a scent throw on the first burn but when I burned through the first inch or so of the candle I started getting a nice light scent throw. I’m seeing a pattern here with my Sinnlig scented candles; there’s no throw at the very top of the candle and it improves as the candle burns down. I would rate the throw about 4.

I had no burning issues with this candle, it got an even wax pool in about an hour in my Ikea luminary and it burned clean.

I burned Sinnlig Lilac Blossom in my living room and the coffee table area got scented in about an hour. I’d burn this in the spring mostly and it’s a very guest friendly scent.

Ikea NYKÄR scented candles preview

Ikea brought out three sets of pillar candles called NYKÄR in scents that are new for Fall.

The white set of Ikea NYKÄR scented candles smells like vanilla with a touch of coconut and whipped cream.

The beige or rather taupe/gray set of Ikea NYKÄR scented candles smells like apple pie with cinnamon and vanilla custard.

The orange set of Ikea NYKÄR scented candles smells like orange with a hint of cinnamon and cloves.

Ikea Sommar limited edition scented candles

Ikea Sommar scented candle collection includes four new candles. One set is in a colorful jar with no lid and the other in a clear jar with a lid.
All have really nice summer scents and are well worth the price.

The first sommar Ikea scented candle smells like a mix of strawberries and guava. The scent is pretty expected for summer, it’s a very sweet, kind of generic strawberry that I’m not a big fan of but the guava note here really takes it down from a blah scent to something tropical and tropical. It’s still very sweet and it could use some lime to really bring it together, but it’s an OK scent.
The second part of the set smells like a mix of florals with a bit of an apple undertone.

The third summer Ikea candle smells like honeyed lavender and the wax is lavender colored in a clear glass with a lid. I always prefer candles with lids. The lavender here is pretty dry and mellow, brought down even more by the honey note. It’s a late summer, early fall kind of scent for me, or maybe a summer night scent. Quite relaxing, with a spa vibe. It’s not too sweet but you definitely get the honey there.
The other candle with a lid has a soft yellow colored wax and smells like a lemon and orange mix with a strong bergamot base.

I wouldn’t mix the new Ikea Sommar fragrances together, but a good lemon and lime fragrance will go well with all of them. I’ve actually burned them all with Yankee candles’ Cuban Mojito and it worked well. The Ikea honey lavender candle also blends really well with Yankee’s Honey Lavender Gelato.

Ikea Holiday and Winter limited edition scented candles

Yes, I just came from Ikea. With some candles. And while I showed loads of restraint in the scented candle section, I still got a decent number of the new Ikea Holiday and Winter candles. I just enjoy using them for parties and such and we’ll be doing loads of entertaining in November and December so the haul was justified.

The reason I like them for Holiday parties is because they’re lightly scented and I can get away with lighting a whole bunch and not overwhelm my guests with scent. I use loads of Yankees and Goose Creeks and such for all the parties when the weather is warm and I have the windows open but in Winter, I can’t get away with more than a few cracked open windows so I need to go lighter with the scent. I could always do scented/unscented candle combinations and get the ambiance and the fragrance but buying the Ikea ones means they all go together in terms of design and, most of the time, scents as well.

There’s the Ikea Vinter collection that has a bunch of new candles and there are some that are not a part of the Vinter collection but have holiday packaging.

The scents in the Ikea Holiday and Winter collection

  • Ikea gingerbread scented candle,
  • Ikea hot mulled cider scented candle,
  • Ikea mandarins and cinnamon scented candle,
  • Ikea pine and herbs scented candle,
  • Ikea pine, clementine and clove scented candle,
  • Ikea spruce, amber and bergamot,
  • Ikea vanilla and berries duo scented candle

Ikea Sommar 2018 scented candle review

I was getting the bed linens from the Summer 2018 collection from Ikea for a house I’m trying to decorate on a budget. I was going to just get the basics from the same Sommar collection; the bed linens, rugs and towels for the en suite; but then I saw these candles and I think that –lack of lids aside-they look good and they do tie in with the theme of the linens and other stuff so with me they came.


Image by Ikea

There are two Sommar 2018 scented candles. Both come in a glass jar with three wicks each. The burn time is up to 25 hours.

The blue Ikea Sommar 2018 scented candle has white wax and the glass container is a very pale, translucent blue. It will look great once there’s a nice wax pool going.

The scent on the blue one is a classic clean laundry fragrance, More soap than fabric softener. It has the aquatic, airy soap scent that works well as a clean, summer scent.

The yellow Ikea Sommar 2018 scented candle has yellow wax and comes in a clear container. The scent is a fresh lemon with a woodsy undertone. The lemon is a bit generic but the wood note saves it from getting cleaning product like. The wood note is best described as beach wood. It does have the salty, dry quality that makes it different from a basic cedarwood scent.

While the fragrances alone aren’t something to rave about I do think these are great products when you look at how they look, the scent and price. I actually got three of each; they have a great impact when there’s more.

The three wick candles from Ikea always burn well for me and the scent throw is light, about a 3 on the blue and 4 on the yellow one.

If you like the look but want more of a scent punch I’d melt Yankee Candle’s Beachwood with them, or Yankee’s Beach Flowers if you want to make the mix more complex and want to add a floral vibe.