Ikea scented candles haul

Keep calm and do an Ikea scented candles haul.

It’s going to be a hot summer weekend so I invited some friends over for a grilled dinner. It’s going to be super casual, bring your own beer kind of thing but I figured it’s still a good exceuse to go and buy some candles.

Usually when I know there’ll be food and people eating I go with unscented candles for on and around the table and only put lightly scented candles in the hall and the bathrooms. It’s just that with a group of people you have so many scent preferences that it’s safer to go with light neutralish scents than rick giving anyone a headache.

I drove to Ikea and picked up some candles. I think Ikea scented candles serve a purpose. They smell good on cold, a couple of the jar ones in a closet will scent the whole thing nicely. And when you burn them, you basically can’t smell them but they look pretty and are very affordable.

So I basically buy Ikea scented candles for the look, because I can do really low cost cool decorations with them and because they won’t give anyone a headache or an asthma attack (I have three friends with asthma so I tend to be extra careful about burning anything around them) when burning. And they smell nice when stored.

So these are the Ikea scented candles I ended up buying:

Two Ikea BRÄCKA scented candle sets with coconut and chocolate scent

ikea scented candles review

Two Ikea SPRALLA scented candle sets with fresh linen sets

ikea scented candles review

Six Ikea LUGGA scented candle jars with two wicks and fresh linen scent

ikea scented candle review

Four sets of Ikea Fenomen unscented floating candles

ikea floating candles review

My plan is to do a table centerpiece with the white two wick candles and I’ll set the blue ones on random spots on the deck I have reserved for candles to get points of light. I’ll chuck the floating candles in the pool because I just love the look and I’ll burn Yankee Candle Shea Butter votives in the bathrooms.

(All images by Ikea)