Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle review

I had and burned a bunch of Goose Creek scented candles before I started this blog and I’m currently Goose Creek-less. I’ve burned them all and while I can now quite easily buy this brand in Europe it’s still a hastle with glass jars being shipped internationally. Also I find that EU stores don’t really get the new scents fast enough for a crazy person like me who just wants to try all new candles the second they come out.

My favorite Goose Creek candle from the bunch I had was Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle scented candle. It comes out every spring summer season and it is back for 2019.

Image by Goose Candle

I burned my Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle in my main hall and the scent throw was a solid 9. My entire house smelled like Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle and it was awesome. I didn’t have any burn issues, I burned the candle for 8 hours at a time and I trimmed the wicks after every 8 hour burn.

The official notes in Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle are: berry, mandarin, jasmine, honeysuckle, amber, vanilla, sandalwood.

Burning Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle, I got mainly amber and soft sandalwood with a non sweetened vanilla. It actually reminded me a bit of Yankee Candle Blanket but it’s a more complex scent because it also has some florals. I got a sweet mixed floral note but I can’t really pick out the floral scents in this. I got no berries and no citrus.

I would repurchase Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle fragrance but in a different form. The oblong jars, while beautiful to look at, burn down too fast for me and I really don’t need a 9 in scent throw, I’m happy with a 7 or 6 on throw. So if I do a Goose Creek Haul in the future, I’ll be picking a standard large jar of this scent.