Goose Creek Candle Summer 2019 Collection Review

Goose Creek Candle Summer 2019 Collection brings back some favorites from previous years and also adds some brand new scented candles.

There’s a nice mix of fragrances in the collection and I feel like anyone can find at least one summer or spring candle here.

There are some great fruity fragrances and some gourmand as well. Then there are the classic summer beach scents that layer well with the fruity ones.


Goose Creek Candle Blueberry Cake Donut Review

Goose Creek Candle Blueberry Cake Donut should smell like warm, bakery fresh, blueberry cake donuts.

Goose Creek Candle brought this back so it must have been a bestseller.

Burning Goose Creek Candle Blueberry Cake Donut  I smell a blueberry and raspberry mix at the top. There is a very nice vanilla cake note in here and then you also get a fairly strong buttercream frosting scent note.

The fruit notes aren’t the best, there’s a bit of a generic, fake berry smell there. But the overall fragrance is saved by the delicious bakery, vanilla cake note mixed with the frosting.

There’s no greasy, fried “donut” scent here, which I’m really happy about so the better name would be berry cupcake, but overall I enjoyed it.

Goose Creek Candle Perfect Day Review

Goose Creek Candle Perfect Day should smell like warm amber and bright mandarin sparkle with intensity.

Burning Goose Creek Candle Perfect Day I mostly smell sweet amber. If you like amber, this is a great version of the note. And it’s the kind of amber fragrance that is “pure” enough to work great as a layering candle. So if you’ll have some summer candles left by the end of the summer, just plonk them together with Goose Creek Candle Perfect Day and the scent will get the awesome, autumnal amber warmth and coziness.

In addition to the main amber note, I also get a sweet vanilla note and a little bit of citrus, to stop things from getting too heavy.

Goose Creek Candle Cherry Blossom Review

Goose Creek Candle Cherry Blossom should smell like pink blossoms, true cherry.

Cherry blossom scented candles are done fairly often by various companies and most often, they aren’t good. Mostly, an average cherry blossom scented candle smells like vaguely floral musky soap and/or perfume. Basically, they tend to smell generic and cheap.

Goose Creek Candle Cherry Blossom is not bad, but it is in the same floral shower gel type. I get the light fresh floral note and then quite a bit of baby powder. There’s a bit of sweetness and a tiny bit of woody undertone. The woody note saves it I think. The powdery part is a bit too strong because the cherry blossom note is very nicely done and if they just toned the powder down a bit, it would be really good. But even with the baby powder note quite strong, it’s still one of the better versions of cherry blossom scents out there.

Goose Creek Candle Warm Vanilla Cake Review

Goose Creek Candle Warm Vanilla Cake should smell like Fluffy Vanilla Cake, Marshmallow, Vanilla Bean, Warm Butter, Twisted Vanilla Bean.

OK so based on the listed notes I had very specific expectations about what this candle will smell like…and it smells very different than expected. It doesn’t really smell like either cake or cake batter to me. Burning Goose Creek Candle Warm Vanilla Cake I get a very rich, buttery note. Other notes are added here but it’s mostly a very buttery fragrance. I get nice, lemony vanilla and a bit of plain sugar as well, but both are quite light. I don’t get marshmallows, in fact, there’s hardly any sweetness here at all, it’s mostly very buttery vanilla.

It’s a bit of a meh scent alone, but oh man, you can do wonders with this when you start layering it with any fruity, spicy fall-ish fragrances, any weak cookie scents, pretty much any foody, sweet fragrance I can think of will work so well with Goose Creek Candle Warm Vanilla Cake.

If you plan on some autumnal burning, get Goose Creek Candle Warm Vanilla Cake and start playing around with mixing some scents together, Alone, and as a summer scent, it doesn’t really work for me.

Goose Creek Candle Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Goose Creek Candle Pineapple Upside Down Cake should smell like warm from the oven, pineapple upside down cake.

Burning Goose Creek Candle Pineapple Upside Down Cake I smell mostly a nice, not too sweet vanilla cake. I get the sugar, butter, and vanilla, there’s a bit of the coveted bakery note here as well, so the vanilla cake part is done well. The pineapple part lacks a bit of oomph for me though. First of all, the pineapple note is fairly light. For a pineapple themed candle, I feel it’s too secondary. Also, I don’t think it’s sweet enough to bring to mind the baked, syrupy, caramelized pineapple cake.

There are other fruit notes listed, like mandarin, lemon, and peach but I can’t smell any of those.

It’s not a bad scent but it’s mostly a vanilla cake with a bit of pineapple added.

Goose Creek Candle Mermaid Kisses review

We’re off to the beach house for the season and I’ve packed a tonne of candles and wax (as you do) to scent our summer. Goose Creek Candle changed their wax so the burn is cleaner now and since I hauled a bunch of their spring and summer scents I packed a whole lot of them and Goose Creek Candle Mermaid Kisses made the cut.

Goose Creek Candle Mermaid Kisses should smell like Raspberry, Cassis, Cool Amber, Jasmine, Black Currant, Shimmering Vibes, Oakmoss, Musk.

Burning Goose Creek Candle Mermaid Kisses I smell a whole lot of raspberry and currant fizzy drink. The berry mix is layered over an unusual green woody base. Reading the notes, it’s an oakmoss base which I find a bit odd to go with the theme and the fruit top notes. I’d definitely go with a more driftwood and ozone base here as I feel it fits the name of the candle far better.

Goose Creek Candle Summer Moon Review

What’s the best known “summer night” scented candle? I’m fairly sure it’s Yankee Candle Midsummer’s Night. The notes on that one are: Citrus, Herbaceous, Woody, Bergamot,  Lavender, Sage, Pine, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Juniper Berry, Moss.

See what they did there? I mean look…whenever I see a “summer night” fragrance I expect certain things. I expect a men’s cologne fragrance. I expect the fragrance to have vetiver and bergamot, wood notes, herbal notes, lavender, and citrus. The rest is just tweaking a well known and well-loved formula. I saw someone who works at Yankee in USA mention on Youtube that Midsummer’s Night is still one of their best sellers. So why change something that works.

Goose Creek Candle Summer Moon has stronger wood notes and the blend is done a bit better so it’s less harsh than Yankee’s version.

This is not something I’d buy for my house and there’s nothing original about it, but it’s very good for what it is and people who like these types of candles will really enjoy it.

Goose Creek Candles Beach Vibes Review

Goose Creek Candles Beach Vibes listed scent notes are Pineapple, Orange, Lemon,  Apple Blossom, Coconut, Peach, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Musk.

Burning Goose Creek Candles Beach Vibes I get the lovely fruity mix that smells like actual fruits and not like fruit flavored candy. I get the pineapple, lemon, orange, and some coconut. It’s very well done. The base is what makes this candle though. All that fruit is layered over a jasmine and sandalwood base and there’s just enough musk in here to bring it all together and make it cohesive rather than woody and a fruity candle thrown together.

The sandalwood is creamy and lovely, the jasmine really brings in the summer at the beach vibes and the fruit is blended in well. I’d love to have just a good jasmine and sandalwood candle as well, it’s done just right.

You could try and make your own version of Goose Creek Candles Beach Vibes by using some Yankee tarts and having fun with mixing them up. I’d play with Yankee’s Driftwood, Yankee’s Lake Sunset, Yankee’s Fruit Salad or Tropical Fruit Crush.

Goose Creek Candle Black Cherry Review

Goose Creek Candle Black Cherry scent notes are  Black Cherry, Crisp Apple, Sweet Plum, Violet Petals, Spun Sugar, Red Currant, Green Leaves.

Burning Goose Creek Candle Black Cherry I get a fake-ish cherry as the main note. The take on the cherry is pretty generic and smells more like a cherry compote than fresh fruit. There’s sweetness added with the spun sugar that gives everything a cherry candy or cherry flavored spun sugar feeling. I don’t get any other fruits really, but since it’s more of a candy, artificial smelling cherry it doesn’t really make a difference. There is a faint green, almost green wood undertone and it doesn’t quite fit with the cherry flavored spun sugar. It would need either stronger fruit notes, less sweetness or a blender note to make this work for me.

Goose Creek Candle Apple Pom Twister Review

Goose Creek Candle Apple Pom Twister is a new scent for the 2019 Summer season. The new summer 2019 scents are packaged in tumblers. They have up to 120 hours of burn time, 2 wicks and paraffin wax and  20 oz. (566g).

The scent notes in the   Goose Creek Candle Apple Pom Twister are: Red Delicious Apple, Wild Berries, Pomegranate, Soft Peony, Light Vanilla Notes and Summer Woods.

Burning   Goose Creek Candle Apple Pom Twister, it’s a mainly fruity candle with a white wood base. I get the apple and blackberry mix with a dash of lemon. The middle notes are vanilla rose blend but they blend quite seamlessly into the soft, light woody base.

It’s a very nice fragrance that could be quite boring if they stuck to the fruit cocktail notes alone but the vanilla rose woody base really makes a difference.

Goose Creek Candle Beach House Review

Goose Creek Candle Beach House is your classic suntan lotion fragrance. I love candles like this, I buy a bunch from various companies every year. They have a firm place in my summer fragrance library and while there’s nothing overly exciting about them they are a firm and true classic for me.

The Goose Creek Candle Beach House has some fun notes listed but overall it smells like a coconut suntan lotion with a green, leafy top note added.

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candle Beach House are. Sea Spray, Banana Leaf, Lemon, Beach Sands, Sunscreen Notes, Coconut.

I love how they included “sunscreen notes” in here. I mean, why fake a description of poetic sounding scent notes if you can just tell people it smells like sunscreen?