Goose Creek Pineapple Seaspray scented candle review

I finished Goose Creek Pineapple Seaspray in early July this year. I bought a ton of sea and water fragranced candles in the hopes of finding one I’ll love and that won’t smell like a bathroom cleaner and I’ve been burning them since June but sadly, I still haven’t found a really good one.

I had Goose Creek Pineapple Seaspray in an oblong three wick glass jar candle. The oblong candles come with no lids and have 24.5oz. The burn time on them is approximately 65-75 hours.

I love how this looked and it was really strong due to the three wicks and a large wax pool. I started burning it in my main hall and the scent throw was a 9 so it scented my whole house. Sadly, the scent didn’t appeal to me so it got bumped to the deck where I burned it in the evenings and it burned nice and even.

Goose Creek Pineapple Seaspray scented candle Review oblong jar

Image by Goose Candle

The official notes in Goose Creek Pineapple Seaspray are: bergamot, pineapple, fresh watery ozone, pink peppercorn, white peach, jasmine, blonde woods, skin musk, vanilla.

I got a cologne note which was what made it unappealing to me. I don’t like cologne type scents as home fragrance. That aside, it smelled like woody pineapple. It’s quite masculine with the pepper, bergamot and woods. With the added pineapple is like a nice fruity men’s cologne.