Goose Creek Cherry Cheesecake scented candle review

Cheesecake candles can be a bit tricky. They sound great in theory, but in reality, to get the cheesecake note, you need the cream cheese note. And with anything milky scented, it can get that sour, spoiled milk whiff fast. I always buy a cheesecake fragrance because I love seeing how the makers try to get the cream cheese note.

Goose Creek Candles Cherry Cheesecake

Image by Goose Creek Candles

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Cherry Cheesecake are: vanilla cream cheese, a juicy cherry topping and sugared vanilla.

Burning this, I mostly get a cherry compote fragrance. It’s bright, sweet cherries, loads of sugar, a bit of vanilla….and that’s it. I get no cream cheese and no crust or any bakery note.

It’s a nice, sweet, cherry jam scent.

I’d need to layer this up some to get to the cherry cheesecake fragrance. Besides the BBW Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, I can’t think of a distinct cream cheese note. This doesn’t work for layering here though, because it would just not mix well with the cherry. All the other cheesecake candles I can think of are missing the same notes that Cherry Cheesecake is. So I’d layer this with Goose Creek Confetti Cake that has that milky note and then add Goose Creek Butter Cookie for the buttery, bakery note.

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