Goose Creek candle Winter Cabin review

Goose Creek candle Winter Cabin is exactly what you’d expect from looking at the label. There’s loads of scents like this on the market, like Yankee Treehouse Memories.

Goose Creek Candle Winter cabin review 2017

Goose Creek candle Winter Cabin smells like dark amber, cedar and smoke.

So it’s a pretty straightforward fragrance. It’s woody, the smoke adds to the fireplace vibe and the amber gives the feeling of warmth.

For me personally, it’s a bit like stale fireplace though. I need more in here to make it appealing but I like it as a base.
I layer it with either hot toddy, cider fragrances for fall and I go with sweet pine or fruit and pine blends for winter. My all time favorite layering scent for Goose Creek candle Winter Cabin is a spiced orange or pomander fragrance. It’s the orange and the spice, over the smoky wood…perfect.

I hope you enjoyed my Goose Creek candle Winter Cabin!