Goose Creek Candle Tropical Daydream Review; Summer 2019

Goose Creek Candle Tropical Daydream is back for the summer 2019 season. I burned this years ago and while it was OK I don’t need to repurchase it this year.

Goose Creek Candle Tropical Daydream Review

The official notes in this scented candle are pineapple, pear, star apple, guava, palm leaf, bamboo, tropical woodlands.

Normally when I see bamboo and woodlands together I expect a cologne fragrance. This is not cologne, it’s full on fruity candle.

The pineapple in here is so intense I honestly can’t smell any of the base notes. The pineapple is super strong, kind of sharp and there’s a very sweet guava that comes through but that’s all I get from this candle.

I can’t get the apple or the pear, no woody notes, nothing green so all in all it is a fairly simple scent and if you like strong pineapple scented candles look into this one.