Goose Creek Candle Tropical Daydream Review

Goose Creek Candle Summer 2019 Collection Review

Goose Creek brought a bunch of great summer scents back from last year and they also added some new candles to their Summer 2019 collection.

I love their take on fruit scents. They really do amazing, natural versions of classic summer notes like strawberry and pineapple and what I particularly like is that they don’t go overboard with the sweetness but rather stay on the fresh side.

Goose Creek Candle Tropical Daydream

Goose Creek Candle Tropical Daydream is back for the summer 2019 season. I burned this years ago and while it was OK I don’t need to repurchase it this year.

Goose Creek Candle Tropical Daydream Review

The official notes in this scented candle are pineapple, pear, star apple, guava, palm leaf, bamboo, tropical woodlands.

Normally when I see bamboo and woodlands together I expect a cologne fragrance. This is not cologne, it’s full on fruity candle.

The pineapple in here is so intense I honestly can’t smell any of the base notes. The pineapple is super strong, kind of sharp and there’s a very sweet guava that comes through but that’s all I get from this candle.

I can’t get the apple or the pear, no woody notes, nothing green so all in all it is a fairly simple scent and if you like strong pineapple scented candles look into this one.

Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle scented

My favorite Goose Creek candle from the bunch I had left over from last year was Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle scented candle. It comes out every spring summer season and it is back for 2019.

Image by Goose Candle

I burned my Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle in my main hall and the scent throw was a solid 9. My entire house smelled like Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle and it was awesome. I didn’t have any burn issues, I burned the candle for 8 hours at a time and I trimmed the wicks after every 8 hour burn.

The official notes in Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle are: berry, mandarin, jasmine, honeysuckle, amber, vanilla, sandalwood.

Burning Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle, I got mainly amber and soft sandalwood with a non sweetened vanilla. It actually reminded me a bit of Yankee Candle Blanket but it’s a more complex scent because it also has some florals. I got a sweet mixed floral note but I can’t really pick out the floral scents in this. I got no berries and no citrus.

I would repurchase Goose Creek Sunset Sparkle fragrance but in a different form. The oblong jars, while beautiful to look at, burn down too fast for me and I really don’t need a 9 in scent throw, I’m happy with a 7 or 6 on throw. So if I do a Goose Creek Haul in the future, I’ll be picking a standard large jar of this scent.

Goose creek Rain Drenched Strawberry

Goose creek Rain Drenched Strawberry is a winner among this year’s strawberry scented candles at my house.

Strawberry candles tend to smell like either strawberry jam or a strawberry flavored drink with loads of sugar.


Goose creek Rain Drenched Strawberry smells like pure, super natural, ripe strawberry with no added sugar but mashed up so you get that intense strawberry fragrance. I do get some floral vanilla and jasmine and they just take this scent to another level.

I don’t know why I never paired strawberry with jasmine fragrance before but I’ll definitely be pairing the two from now on. I also tried this with a white gardenia scented candle and it was so incredible!

This is an absolute must buy for all summer barbecues and lazy days by the pool.

Goose Creek Candle Lost At Sea

Goose Creek Candle Lost At Sea candle has scent notes of iced lemon, geranium and bergamot, lavender leaves, sweet mandarin and white birch, aquatic, cashmerewood, amber crème and musk.


Burning Goose Creek Candle Lost At Sea it’s a pretty standard aquatic fragrance, but compared to say Yankee Candle’s aquatic scents Goose Creek Candle Lost At Sea is much less cologne-y. I can smell the “blue” aquatic tones with bergamot and citrus, there’s a bit of musk but it’s light and the woody tones are light and warmed by amber. It’s a very nice albeit not exactly exciting scent. I really appreciate the fact that they didn’t go crazy with the bergamot and took it to a shower gel/ aftershave territory.

This will work well layered with anything citrus to make it brighter, you can pair it with driftwood scents for evenings and make it a all day scent with just a few layers added at different points of the day.

Goose Creek Candles Beach Party

Goose Creek Candles Beach Party is one of the new scents they put out this season. I’d totally recommend it for all summer parties, barbecues and even just ice tea with friends. It’s a crowd pleaser that will work in any room, you’ll get a nice looking wax pool quickly since these have two wicks and if you pair it with Goose Creek’s Day in The Sun, you’ll have the ultimate summer fragrance.

Goose Creek Candles Beach Party Scented Candle

Image by Goose Creek Candle

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Beach Party are: lemon, lime, orange, mango, black currant and peach, sugar, musk and vanilla.

When burning, the main note is orange. The undertones of mango takes the orange into the more exotic territory and it’s all blended together perfectly with sweet, light, musky vanilla. Goose Creek really uses great musk in their fragrances and when they go light with it, it works so well to just pull the notes into a great blend.

The scent throw on the large jar is a decent 7. It will scent a medium sized room easily but it will need help if you have an open plan type setting.

I’ve paired it with Goose Creek’s Day in The Sun and loved the mix and I’ve also mixed it with Yankee Candle Sunset Breeze.

Goose Creek Candle Blood Orange

In addition to the blood orange note Goose Creek says that this also has notes of orange zest and peel, mandarin, sandalwood and cool rain.


The rain note and the sandalwood are the ones that can take this from a generic orange scent to something worth a second sniff. While I appreciate basic fragrances when they are done well because they allow me to layer them I much prefer a good complex fragrance.

Burning Goose Creek Candle Blood Orange I have to say it is one of the most unique takes on an orange fragrance I’ve smelled in years. It’s nothing like the expected orange juice candle.

There is lemon, grapefruit and orange, all tangy but not like a drink at all. Firstly, this is not sweet. It is a citrus mix but with the sandalwood it’s more body care and less food. Now the cool rain note could be anything either aquatic or some ozone. I get none of those scents but I do get another layer of this fragrance that is almost savory and earthy at the same time. Sounds weird but it works so well and I think that it’s such a good take on such a simple sounding candle.

If you want a juicy orange candle this will be a no for you but if you want a new take on an orange scent that is very guest friendly and interesting, give this candle a try.

Goose Creek Candles Confetti Cake

I’m not a big cake fragrance lover but I figured Goose Creek Candles Confetti Cake would go great with Goose Creek Candles Sipping Tea for rainy afternoons and I picked it up.

Goose Creek Candles Confetti Cake scented candle Review

Image by Goose Creek Candles

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Confetti Cake are: red berry, orange, mandarin and peach , sweet, silky mix of whipped butter, vanilla and sugar .

Meh…it doesn’t smell like cake to me, which is a big disappointment. It’s not a horrible scent but if it has cake in the name, I want to smell cake. I get a fake, artificial fruity mix and sweet vanilla frosting and that’s about it. I don’t know what the Fruity Pebbles cereal smells like but people in the wax community who know their scents swear that this smells exactly like that cereal.

All in all, not something I enjoy and not something I expected. I did try to pair it with a plain cake scent to add the “cakeness” to the fragrance but it didn’t improve for me. The artificial fruity note bothered me too much.

I have a wax melt in this and I melt two bits at a time. The scent lasts about 8 hours and the throw was a weak 7. It scented my medium sized kitchen but didn’t travel outside that room.

Goose Creek Candles Cherry Cheesecake

Cheesecake candles can be a bit tricky. They sound great in theory, but in reality, to get the cheesecake note, you need the cream cheese note. And with anything milky scented, it can get that sour, spoiled milk whiff fast. I always buy a cheesecake fragrance because I love seeing how the makers try to get the cream cheese note.

Goose Creek Candles Cherry Cheesecake

Image by Goose Creek Candles

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Cherry Cheesecake are: vanilla cream cheese, a juicy cherry topping and sugared vanilla.

Burning this, I mostly get a cherry compote fragrance. It’s bright, sweet cherries, loads of sugar, a bit of vanilla….and that’s it. I get no cream cheese and no crust or any bakery note.

It’s a nice, sweet, cherry jam scent.

I’d need to layer this up some to get to the cherry cheesecake fragrance. Besides the BBW Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, I can’t think of a distinct cream cheese note. This doesn’t work for layering here though, because it would just not mix well with the cherry. All the other cheesecake candles I can think of are missing the same notes that Cherry Cheesecake is. So I’d layer this with Goose Creek Confetti Cake that has that milky note and then add Goose Creek Butter Cookie for the buttery, bakery note.

Goose Creek Candles Cherry Cobbler

I was digging around my wax melts, looking for a scent to keep me and my friend company during our tea and chat time and dug out Goose Creek Candles Cherry Cobbler. I have had it for over a year and for some reason it never even got tested so into the melter it went.

Image by Goose Creek Candles

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Cherry Cobbler are: fresh cherries, orange and lemon zest, cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, buttery cake crumbs and vanilla extract.

Melting, this smells like fresh, juicy cherries, loads of sugar and lemon zest. Underneath I get some butter and a little bit of a bakery note. The cherry note is fresh and pretty close to natural and it reads fresh even with all the sugar loaded on top. It doesn’t go into cherry candy territory (which I can’t stand at all) but the overall fragrance really would need some spice to come through in order to become a “cobbler” or bakery type fragrance. I get no cinnamon in here, no warmth at all and the bakery note is very faint, mostly coming through as vanilla-ish undertone.

It’s a good take on a cherry note but I’ll have to play with it some and mix it with some spice and bakery scents to get it from “cherry” fragrance to a “cherry cobbler” fragrance.

The scent throw on two pieces of the wax melt in one wax warmer was a decent 8, totally scenting up my large living room.

Goose Creek Candles Juicy Pear

My kids love pears. I have a couple of fickle pear trees in the orchard. They don’t give us a lot of fruit but I can’t bring myself to cut them down because they’ve been there for 40 years. So the kids just use those for climbing purposes and we rely on my dad’s trees for the pear yummyness.

I buy pretty much any pear candle I can find but there aren’t really all that many out there and most end up smelling either full on spice or mostly like apples.

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Juicy Pear are: apple and poached pears, all-spice, tart cranberries, vanilla extract, and sweet musk.

Burning my medium sized jar, I smell mostly apples with a soft pear undertone. There’s a little bit of cinnamon and quite a bit of musk as well. I don’t get any cranberries or vanilla, so it’s not a pie filling sort of scent, but more on a fruity musk.

Fresh fruit and musk aren’t a common mix, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Overall, this is a cool twist on the apple scent and I just wish it had more pear. Because of the sweetness and musk, it can read a tad perfumey sometimes.

The scent throw on my medium jar was an 8, it scented my kitchen in 30 minutes and travelled down the hall as well.

I’d melt or burn this in my kitchen as a morning August and July candle.

Goose Creek Candles Banana Nut Bread

Banana Nut Bread fragrances have been very popular lately. The Yankee’s version sold out super fast and is now going for ridiculous prices on ebay. The BBW’s version was also a hit. Currently though, I think the Goose Creek Candles Banana Nut Bread is the only one that –other than indie vendors – that is readily available in store, online and on sale.

The official scent notes Goose Creek Candles Banana Nut Bread are: cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, banana, brown sugar, bread batter, vanilla butter .

This is so good. It’s really true to life, warm and creamy, no faults that I can smell, the bread note is done well, the spicy vanilla is super creamy and doesn’t dominate…really well balanced, sweet bakery fragrance.

I get the creamy spices and vanilla sugar mix with the mashed banana. That alone would be yummy, but then you also get the bread and the nutty note, that adds to the complexity and makes it a high end, rather than a supermarket type scent.

The scent throw was a solid 7, the burn was flawless and it went really well with a vanilla scented candle that was burning in the same room.

The large jar had two wicks and was burning beautifully. These have a burn time of about 120 hours and are currently on sale.

Goose Creek Kiss in The Sand

I burned my Goose Creek Kiss in The Sand scented candle in May. I had a large oblong jar of Goose Creek Kiss in The Sand and it’s a three wick 24.5oz candle with up to 75 hours of burn time. The scent throw on this was very strong, I’d say it was a strong 9. I burned it in my main hall and it scented the whole house.

I burn this candle of 8-9 hours at a time and trimmed the wicks after each burn. I had no issues with the performance of the candle but I did leave the wicks longer than I do with my Yankee Candles to avoid any potential wick drowning.

The official notes in Goose Creek Kiss in The Sand are: berries, moon flower, violet, vanilla, sandalwood and light musk.

I get mostly berries and sandalwood. There’s a hint of a floral note and some musk. It’s not a light fragrance due to the sandalwood and musk but it’s quite sensual. It would be a good bedroom scent but it might be too strong. I liked it for the hall, I’m not a huge fan of sandalwood but it wasn’t super woody or heavy so it was OK.

I hear it’s very simmilar to BBW Dark Kiss fragrance but I can’t get the BBWto compare personally.

Goose Creek Grapefruit Mandarin

I finished Goose Creek Grapefruit Mandarin in early February this year. I tend to burn Christmas or rather Holiday scents all through December and then go super fruity and citrusy in January and February. I love grapefruit scents, especially if they’re not just straight forward grapefruit but have some other notes mixed in.

I had Goose Creek Grapefruit Mandarin in an oblong three wick glass jar candle in this fragrance. The oblong candles come with no lids and have 24.5oz. The burn time on them is approximately 65-75 hours.

I like the look of these candles, the oblong three wick jar and the wax color…just beautiful. But the burn on these is super fast. These also throw strong since with the amount of wax and the three wicks you get a really big wax pool.

goose creek grapefruit mandarin review oblong jar

Image by Goose Candle

I burned my Goose Creek Grapefruit Mandarin in my main hall and the scent throw was a weak 9 or maybe a strong 8. Placing a strong scented candle in the hall pretty much scents the entire house and I like that. It’s a really big and really old house and I keep feeling that even with my systematic cleaning, it would smell old if I let it. But with my candle burning, it doesn’t really get a chance to smell its age.

The official notes in Goose Creek Grapefruit Mandarin are: grapefruit, orange and cassis mingle together with a vibrant bouquet of cyclamen, violet leaf, black currant and musk.

Burning Goose Creek Grapefruit Mandarin, I was expecting a fresh and complex fragrance, but I got pretty much only a strong grapefruit with a weird musky undertone. I don’t know where all the floral notes are hiding but they weren’t in my jar of Goose Creek Grapefruit Mandarin. And while the grapefruit was really fresh and nice and zesty, the musk was…not good. I couldn’t put my finger on what it reminded me of, but then I saw a review online and it said that this candle smelled a bit like cat pee. And well, I guess it really kind of does. It’s like you cleaned up the cat pee and then lit up a grapefruit candle to help get rid of the smell. Musk notes can go really wrong sometimes and this one did. It’s very very light though so it’s not like it makes your house reek of cat urine, but it’s there and it shouldn’t be.