Goose Creek Candle Rain Drenched Strawberry review

Goose creek Rain Drenched Strawberry is a winner among this year’s strawberry scented candles at my house.

Strawberry candles tend to smell like either strawberry jam or a strawberry flavored drink with loads of sugar.


Goose creek Rain Drenched Strawberry smells like pure, super natural, ripe strawberry with no added sugar but mashed up so you get that intense strawberry fragrance. I do get some floral vanilla and jasmine and they just take this scent to another level.

I don’t know why I never paired strawberry with jasmine fragrance before but I’ll definitely be pairing the two from now on. I also tried this with a white gardenia scented candle and it was so incredible!

This is an absolute must buy for all summer barbecues and lazy days by the pool.