Goose Creek Candle Lost At Sea review

Goose Creek Candle Lost At Sea candle has scent notes of iced lemon, geranium and bergamot , lavender leaves, sweet mandarin and white birch, aquatic, cashmerewood, amber crème and musk.


Burning Goose Creek Candle Lost At Sea it’s a pretty standard aquatic fragrance, but compared to say Yankee Candle’s aquatic scents Goose Creek Candle Lost At Sea is much less cologne-y. I can smell the “blue” aquatic tones with bergamot and citrus, there’s a bit of musk but it’s light and the woody tones are light and warmed by amber. It’s a very nice albeit not exactly exciting scent. I really appreciate the fact that they didn’t go crazy with the bergamot and took it to a shower gel/ aftershave territory.

This will work well layered with anything citrus to make it brighter, you can pair it with driftwood scents for evenings and make it a all day scent with just a few layers added at different points of the day.