Goose Creek Candle Haul Summer 2018

I did some shopping at Goose Creek for the summer. I really like Goose Creek spring and summer scents though I think their very best fragrances are the fall gourmet ones.


Up until now Goose Creek did quite complex scents with a bunch of notes and for the 2018 season they added a few more simple blends. I used to think that doing a super complex scent with like 8 different notes is incredibly hard to do, but the more I get into fragrance, be it candles, perfumes of plain essential oils, the more I see that making a one or two note blend and making it perfect is where the real challenge is. There’s nowhere to hide in a two note blend. Both notes must be spot on, or you end up with a cheap, generic smelling product.

Goose Creek Candles added a new line of tumblers with brand new summer scents so I went with a bunch of those and some classic jars as well.I also got some fireflies in the scents I knew I won’t love based on the notes but wanted to try out anyway.


I know it’s a lot of wax but while on holiday at the beach house I have candles burning for about 18 hours a day, every day for almost 3 months; I have 2 guest bathrooms where I light up a candle every morning and only blow it out at night. The kitchen as a candle burning from morning until late at night and then I play around with scents in the family room and the deck depending on the weather and guests and/or kids running around. So I go through a lot of candles in the summer and what is left I bring back home to layer and mix later.

I’m quite excited to start burning my new Goose Creeks but I’ll be taking most of them to the beach house where we’ll be spending most of the summer so I’ll get started on most of these late June.

My Goose Creek Candle Haul Summer 2018:

Apple Pom Twister
Beach House
Beach Vibes
Indigo Falls
Lemon Sweet Tea
Moonlit Amber
Perfect Storm
Red White & Blue
Sail With Me
Sand Castles
Snickerdoodle Donut
Whipped Almond Icing
Fluffy Meringue
Blood Orange Large
Catching Fireflies
Summer Moon
Love Letters