Goose Creek Candle Halloween 2018 Collection Review

Goose Creek Candle is going all out with their Halloween 2018 Collection.

They are bringing out a bunch of new Halloween themed scents and they are well co-ordinated co we’ll be able to mix and layer them as we please to make our own seasonal blends if we feel like it.


The new candles for Goose Creek Candle Halloween 2018 Collection are:

Goose Creek Candle Beautiful Creatures 2018

Goose Creek Candle Candy Corn

Goose Creek Candle Forbidden Elixir

Goose Creek Candle Ghost Stories

Goose Creek Candle Marshmallow Buddies

Goose Creek Candle Pumpkin Patch

Goose Creek Candle Strange Things

Goose Creek Candle Trick or Treat

Some people are dissapointed by what Yankee Candle brought out for Halloween 2018. I understand the point, since Halloween used to be a big deal at Yankee and this year it seems to be almost a pass in terms of fragrance and even accessories to an extent.

But I don’t see a reason to fuss over lack of choice at Yankee if we have so many choices at Goose Creek. For us consumers, it’s fine if a company decides to take a pass on something. There are always other companies out there who went all out so if you have money to burn (see what I did there?) we have so many good candles here.


I hope you enjoyed my Goose Creek Candle Halloween 2018 Collection Review!