Goose Creek Candle Cookie Dough Bites review

Goose Creek Candle Cookie Dough Bites is a lovely foody scent that came out in their spring collection and is currently on sale on their website.

Cookie-Dough-Bites-goose creek candle spring

Goose Creek Candle Cookie Dough Bites has loads of reviews where people claim it smells like cookies baking in the oven. I have to say I don’t get that “baking” note in here. I definitely get the cookie dough note; the vanilla essence, sugar, butter and a light chocolate note; those are all there and done well.

Since the name of the candle is Goose Creek Candle Cookie Dough Bites and not I think the name represents the scent perfectly.

The chocolate note is faint, it’s mostly a vanilla, sugar and butter blend, so if you want to amp up the chocolate, make sure you have a tart of something like Yankee’s Chocolate Layer Cake so you can mix these two up.

If you are a seasonal burner and are already lokking into your autumnal scented candles, don’t pass this up. It will blend amazingly well with anything pumpkin pie scented so you’ll get tons of use out of it all through autumn and well into winter holiday season.

The scent throw on this is super strong, I’d say an easy 9. It was actually too intense for my medium sized kitchen and had to go hang out in our great hall and from there it managed to scent the whole floor of the house.