Goose Creek Candle Blood Orange Review; Summer 2019

Goose Creek Candle Blood Orange is back for summer 2019.

In addition to the blood orange note Goose Creek says that this also has notes of orange zest and peel, mandarin, sandalwood and cool rain.


The rain note and the sandalwood are the ones that can take this from a generic orange scent to something worth a second sniff. While I appreciate basic fragrances when they are done well because they allow me to layer them I much prefer a good complex fragrance.

Burning Goose Creek Candle Blood Orange I have to say it is one of the most unique takes on an orange fragrance I’ve smelled in years. It’s nothing like the expected orange juice candle.

There is lemon, grapefruit and orange, all tangy but not like a drink at all. Firstly, this is not sweet. It is a citrus mix but with the sandalwood it’s more body care and less food. Now the cool rain note could be anything either aquatic or some ozone. I get none of those scents but I do get another layer of this fragrance that is almost savory and earthy at the same time. Sounds weird but it works so well and I think that it’s such a good take on such a simple sounding candle.

If you want a juicy orange candle this will be a no for you but if you want a new take on an orange scent that is very guest friendly and interesting, give this candle a try.