Goose Creek Candle Bath Time review

Goose Creek Candle Bath Time for Spring 2019 was a surprise for me. Based on the name and the label I was expecting a soft, soapy, body care type scent or at least a spa type fragrance but the floral notes in this are so specific and so strong that I find it to be a pretty intense fragrance that packs quite a punch.

There are a lot of notes listed for Goose Creek Candle Bath Time; we have eucalyptus, basil, green notes, spearmint, water mint at the top and then for the middle lily of the valley, sea foam rose and carnation over a driftwood and cypress base.

goose creek candle bath time spring 2017 review

So lots of things apparently went into this candle. What I can actually smell here is eucalyptus and mint at the top, lily, rose and carnation and the cypress at the bottom. So yes, it’s a complex fragrance but I have an issue with the floral notes they put together here. First of all, lily is such a pungent floral note. It’s really hard to mix it with a bunch of other stuff and expect it to blend well. It doesn’t. It’s a floral that stands out, sticks out of every mixture. So to put it in such a complex blend, it stops the overall fragrance from being smooth and cohesive. The rose on the other hand is a great floral for layering and blending but it can give off a musty, old vibe if it’s not done right. Pairing it with carnation, that is a dry, somewhat musty floral, just brings all that into the forefront. And all that from the florals, paired with the sharp freshness of the eucalyptus and mint blend clashes pretty bad. Coming to the cypress at the base, it’s very resinous and green and again I find it clashes with the other notes.

The blend just didn’t work for me. Goose Creek Candle Bath Time wants to be a unisex spa fragrance but I just don’t like the mixture of the notes together.