glade scented candles holiday 2018 collection review

Glade scented candles reviews

Glade Holiday 2018 Collection

Glade Holiday 2018 Collection has 4 new holiday-themed fragrances. The actual theme for the collection is the new Nutcracker movie so the names of the scents it with that.

glade holiday 2018 collection scented candles review

Glade Sugarplum Fantasies scent notes are pluot, plum, blackberry jam violet, muguet, boysenberry vanilla, musk, and patchouli. This scent is intense! While I appreciate what Glade did here, I don’t find Sugarplum Fantasies to be guest friendly. There are just so many big scent notes in here! The lily of the valley, vanilla and patchouli make this very perfume-y. The dark berry notes add to the mature perfume feeling and while it’s a good fragrance I feel a little goes a very long way and I wouldn’t risk giving a guest a headache with it because I find scent combinations like this in home fragrance can act as a trigger.

glade scented candles holiday 2018 collection review

Glade Nutcracker Delight scent notes are cinnamon leaf, almond butter, almond flower, hazelnut, maple water, praline, sandalwood, tonka and buttercream. The scent reads very complex but while burning it, it’s a lot more simple. I get a generic nutty note with a sweet cinnamon overlay and a creamy sandalwood base. The overall fragrance is actually quite nice I just wish the nutty note would be either proper hazelnut or proper almond or even a good mix of both instead of the generic nutty one they went with.

Glade Enchanted Evergreens scent notes are winterberry, sugared apple, bergamot, pine needle, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, amber icicles, fir balsam and enchanted woods. Burning Enchanted Evergreens smell like the classic potpourri pine and cinnamon bark combination that is redeemed with top notes of berry and apple. There’s some bergamot which takes it into cologne territory for me but it’s not overwhelming.

Glade Dancing Flowers scent notes are greenery, apple, pear, jasmine, muguet, rose white wood, musk, and cedarwood. The top notes in Dancing Flowers are lovely, the green fruity apple mix over the cedar base is really nice. The part where they went a bit wrong here is the middle floral notes. It’s a mix of jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley, with quite a bit of musk. The result is very heavy, musky floral mix that overwhelms the entire fragrance. I find that jasmine and rose mix tends to be too much most of the time because they are such strong floral notes. Add lily in as well and you’re all the way into perfumey floral territory.


Overall, the Glade Holiday 2018 Collection collection is definitely scents that you’ll want to burn one at a time. They don’t layer well. Sometimes you get a “blender” fragrance in a collection that allows to layer things and try different combinations but these are definitely individual scents. I think they could go sweeter, more fruity, foodier, just…I’m not feeling this collection, especially with the theme.

Glade Atmosphere collection limited edition

Glade released a new scented candle collection for Summer 2017 called the Atmosphere collection.

The new scents come in candle and scented oil plugins. There are four new scents in the Glade Atmosphere collection. The scents are numbered from 1-4 and they also have names. All candles have soy wax blends.

glade tempted patchouli amber candle review 2017 atmosphere collection

Glade No. 1 Enraptured should smell like jasmine and rose, apple and honeysuckle, honey, cedarwood and clove bud. Burning Glade Enraptured, I get a strong spicy cedar base and then a nice jasmine over that. The jasmine is a bit dulled by a generic rose and apple mix but that’s faint enough not to be too offensive in the overall fragrance.

Glade No. 2 Bright should smell like raspberries and orchard fruit notes, jasmine, rose and sweet pea, powder musk, sweet tonka bean and sheer blonde woods. Burning Glade Bright, I get a musky, slightly woody sweet pea and rose with faintly berry mix top notes. The rose note sort of messes this up I think, because it’s way too generic and doesn’t smell fresh but rather musty. The pear gets lost in the berry notes and the end result is just plain, cheap smelling berry mix over musty floral mix.

Glade No. 3 Free should smell like white pineapple, citrus and beachside florals, coconut, beach woods and vanilla bean scents. Burning Glade Free I smell a very classic coconut and beachwood mix with a weak fruity top note. The vanilla bean works well at bringing out the coconut and the overall fragrance is good.
glade enraptured jasmine cedarwood candle review 2017 atmosphere collection

Glade No. 4 Tempted should smell like exotic spices, freesia and golden amber, vanilla orchid, eucalyptus, cedarwood, patchouli and brown sugar. Burning Glade Tempted I only get patchouli and amber. I don’t get any spices, no floral, no eucalyptus. It’s a very warm, incense-y fragrance that does give a “bazaar” feel but not due to any spices. You have to like dark patchouli in order to enjoy this.

Glade candles Fall limited edition collection

Glade released their new limited edition collection of home fragrance for Fall/Autumn 2016. The LE collection includes 3 new Fall-themed fragrances that are available in multiple products.

Glade home fragrance Fall Autumn 2016 limited edition Collection review

The new Fall 2016 scents are: Glade Wondrous Autumn Nights, Glade Rick Pumpkin Dream, Glade Spiced Apple Magic.

Glade Wondrous Autumn Nights smells like patchouli, autumn blossoms, dark sweetness, mint and rich leather.

Glade Rick Pumpkin Dream smells like pumpkin and melted caramel, ginger and nutmeg, sweet vanilla, cardamom and buttercream.

Glade Spiced Apple Magic smells like warm apple cider, spicy cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.


Glade Scented Candles Holiday Limited Edition Collection

I actually saw the Glade Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Collection in the supermarket today. I never saw the fall one, the winter ones are sporadic at best, but this one was there and fully stocked. I didn’t even know there was a separate Limited Edition collection to the winter one, but I had a little date with Google and apparently, this is it.

The Glade Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Collection includes:

Glade Chocolate Celebration scented candle that smells like warm spice accord, chocolate and coconut, sandalwood and berries.

Glade Berry Delight scented candle that smells like peppermint, cranberry and blackberry, white cocoa and spice

Glade Velvet Tea Party scented candle that smells like clementine, soft amber and creamy musk

Glade Luminous Apple Spice scented candle that smells like cinnamon and apple, cream and vanilla

Glade Dazzling Blossom scented candle that smells like violet, rose and jasmine

The two layered candles in this collection are Glade Luminous Apple Spice and Vanilla and Glade Velvet Tea Party and Vanilla

Glade Scented Candles Winter  Limited Edition Collection

After never seeing any of the Fall LE Glade scents in our stores, I’m not exactly holding my breath for the Glade Winter 2015 Limited Edition Collection, but maybe they’ll show up. I’ve seen some pretty random timed LEs from this company over the years, some even come to our shops a year late.

The Glade Winter 2015 Limited Edition Collection includes:

Glade Sparkling Spruce scented candle that smells like frosty pine and evergreen.

Glade Merry Citrus Melody scented candle that smells like mandarin and candied apples, frankincense and myrrh.

Glade Apple Cinnamon Cheer scented candle that smells like apple cider, vanilla and cream, nutmeg and clove.

Glade Frosted Cookie Party scented candle that smells like cake, vanilla

Glade Cashmere Woods scented wax review

Glade Cashmere Woods scented wax cubes review

Glade Cashmere Woods is one of the top-rated Glade scents. I’ve smelled it in the store a couple of times and it’s definitely not my kind of scent but I bought a clamshell for my brother since he usually likes this type of fragrances.

He was melting it in his guest bathroom today, when the kids and I went over for tea (and cookies. Mostly cookies.).

The official notes in Glade Cashmere Woods are: Bergamot, lemon, orange flower, lily of the valley, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, vanilla bean, musk, oakmoss.

For Glade (and most wax makers, really), this is a very complex scent, based on all the listed notes. Melting it, I don’t really get all of these. I basically get the musk, a strong cologne note, bergamot and sandalwood weighted down my oakmoss. I can’t really smell any of the floral notes. The citrus is faint but it does add a fresh feeling to the woody scents.

It does smell kind of generic older dude cologne to me and my brother thinks so as well, so it’s not for us.

I hope you enjoyed my Glade Cashmere Woods scented wax cubes review and I’ll talk to you soon!

Glade Scented Candles Fall 2015 LE Collection

I’ve never actually bought Glade scented candles but my “non-candle obsessed” side of the family and my “meh, just burn something in the loo” friends have bought plenty and I do get to smell them when I visit.

The reason for mass purchases of Glade candles is that they are the only brand of candles that is widely available around here and sold in all major supermarket and drugstore chains. They’re also inexpensive so people can just chuck them in the cart when they’re out buying paper towels and detergent without doing all sorts of crazy budget math that comes into play when you shop at Yankee Candle for instance.

I’ve (often) been accused of being a fragrance snob when I would suggest alternatives to my friends’ Glade candles so I tend to refrain from commenting on them now. Even though I am fully aware of being a fragrance snob I don’t need to air that charming bit out every chance I get. Overall, I don’t find Glade candles to be offensive, I just believe there are so many better fragrances out there that one can burn.

I saw that Glade came out with a new Fall 2015 Limited Edition Collection of fragrances. The Glade Fall 2015 Collection includes:

Glade Pumpkin Pit Stop scented candle

Glade Apple Tree Picnic scented candle

Glade Sunset Walk scented candle

Glade Fall Antiquing scented candle

Glade Hit The Road scented candle

The only thing I know for sure about these scents is that Glade Sunset Walk is a dupe for the Glade Sage and Thyme. Oh, and that the Glade Pumpkin Pit Stop doesn’t have pumpkin as a scent note but it has apples.