DW Home scented candles Kind Wine Collection and review

This is my DW Home scented candles Kind Wine Collection and review.

DW Home Kind Wine Collection can be found in the US at HomeGoods stores and TK Maxx Stores. As far as I know we can’t get them in Europe, unless we go the ebay route.

DW Home scented candles have never been on my radar since I can’t get them here, but I was visiting a friend today, who travels to the US a lot and she had a bunch of these candles out on her coffee table since she was just in the process of putting fresh candles out and getting rid of her empties.

She likes the DW Home candles and says she’d definitely recommend them for a sale price but wouldn’t pay full price.

One of the ones she had out but hasn’t burned yet were 4 scented candles from DW Home Kind Wine collection. These are made from repurposed wine bottles and have one wick and soy wax. They look interesting, not the classic candle jars we’re used to and it’s fun to know they’re actual wine bottles.

There’s very little I could find on the brand and their collections online, but I think this is actually a re-released collection and includes:

DW Home Mandarin Champagne scented candle

dw home mandarin champagne kind wine scented candle

DW Home Pomegranate Moscato scented candle

dw home pomegranate moscato kind wine scented candle

DW Home Cinnamon Shiraz scented candle

dw home cinnamon shiraz kind wine scented candle

DW Home Black Cherry Merlot scented candle

dw home black cherry merlot kind wine scented candle

BBW Stores in the USA also had a Cork & Wine collection out for a previous Fall collection so I guess the whole “wine” theme is a popular one for the Fall. I must say it’s a completely foreign concept to me, I can imagine ever getting a wine scented anything and in my home the scent of wine is something I tend to air out as soon as possible since I find it really unpleasant.

dw home scented candle kind wine review

That being said, I did give the Kind Wine candles a good sniff on cold, just to see what we’re dealing with here. They smell really strong on cold and my friend says all her DW Home candles tend to have a scent throw of about 7 or 8.

On cold, they smelled pretty much like you would expect from the name, I got a lot of grape and then citrus, pomegranate, spice and cherry corresponding. I didn’t get the alcohol bit that would make it actually wine like, just grapes with other notes mixed in. Not horrible and a good collection for those who like grape notes.