DW Home candles Review

DW Home candles have all of their Christmas candles up on their site. They did a couple of different designs for the season. When it comes to the new scents you can find very simple fragrances that you can layer and customize in their Essences subcollection. You can also get more complex smelling candles such as Bourbon Buttercream and Holly Wreath that is one of my favorites.



I was in Germany this past weekend and I went to a T.K. Maxx store. They had this HUGE display of DW Home candles and a ton of them were on sale so I went a tad bit crazy and got a lot of the

I asked the SA if they’ll continue to stock so many items from this brand but she said it’s probably a one time thing as they got some old stock from another store, hence the sale.

The official DW Home site is often not updated and they only have some of their products up there. Whenever I am looking for something really awesome I only find pics and info on Ebay so I’m not sure what’s going on with that, but my guess would be that people find DW Home Limited Edition collections at local stores and then re-sell them on ebay, and we never get to see them in standard online stores.

The store had a bunch of Halloween-ish looking candles and after I got home I wanted to figure out what this year’s DW Home Halloween Collection is, but there are so many pics on ebay of what are obviously candles from various collections I just got lost.

My best guess is that the scents in this year’s Halloween collection are:

DW Home Black Tobacco

DW Home Salted Pumpkin Popcorn

DW Home Honey Pumpkin Butter

DW Home Spice Elixir Terragon and Dragon’s Blood

All the scents have been around before, they’ll just be repackaged for the Halloween collection.

For the actual name of the collection, it could be either DW Home Monster Mash or DW Home Halloween Haunt.

DW Home Honey Lavender Review

I don’t often get my hands on DW Home candles so I’m always happy when my friend who does lets me sniff her stash and do quick notes. She just hauled a bunch of them and I did a lot of sniffing on cold. I also took home a bunch of wax chunks from the ones she’s already burned to test the scents on my own.

She had DW Home Honey Lavender burning in her bedroom and while I think the rainbow jar was super pretty when lit I didn’t care for the scent.

Keep in mind that all things lavender pretty much remind me of moth balls. This definitely smelled like a granny closet to me. The lavender note is very herbal. Plain dry lavender. The honey does sweeten up the overall fragrance but there’s nothing to blend these two notes together. I don’t get any vanilla or citrus that would help pull this into a blended scent, it’s just two different notes, hanging out.

The throw was a decent 6, OK for a medium sized bedroom.

I’d definitely mix this with either a vanilla or vanilla sandalwood to blend it together and give it more depth and warmth that honey fragrances need.

DW Home Lavender Chamomile Review

DW Home is not locally available to me but a friend of mine who works and part-time lives in New York often brings home DW Home candles that I get to sniff whenever I’m visiting.

I was over earlier this week and she had a DW Home Lavender Chamomile burning in her guest bathroom.

It was super strong. The bathroom is on the smaller side of medium-sized and it almost choked me out.  The scent was pretty much pure herbal lavender with a cologne undertone. I didn’t get any of the typical chamomile note like you’d get in a chamomile tea. That type of chamomile is sweet and soft and almost has a honeyed floral scent to it. This was very herbal overall, loads of lavender and the bergamot in the background gave it a masculine feeling.

Quite an odd scent, I wish the chamomile came through more or that it would be more of the tea type chamomile. If this were my candle I’d most definitely mix it with Yankee Candle Chamomile Tea, to begin with and then I’d play around with vanilla scents to tone down the harshness.

DW Home Naturals Collection

DW Home scented candles are gaining popularity and they’ve released some new collections in 2019.

One of the new DW Home Collections is the DW Home Naturals Collection.

These candles have a coconut blend wax and essential oils fragrances, hence the “naturals”. The scents lean toward the more basic, natual scents, not fancy fantasy blends.

The scents in the DW Home Naturals Collection are:

DW Home Eucalyptus & Mint Leaf
DW Home Grapefruit & Pomegranate
DW Home Indigo Seas & Cotton
DW Home Lavender & Rose Water
DW Home Passion Fruit & Guava
DW Home Palm Leaf & Nectar
DW Home Mandarin & Basil
DW Home Lemongrass & Coconut Milk
DW Home Peony & Garden Rose
DW Home Pineapple & Papaya
DW Home Sea Salt & Kelp
DW Home Teakwood & White Sage
DW Home Vanilla & Sugar Cane

DW Home Vivid collection

The candles have specific, cutesy packaging and generally spa like scents:

DW Home Coconut & Papaya
DW Home Grapefruit & Sage
DW Home Neroli & Lime
DW Home Pomelo & Lily
DW Home Sea Salt & Melon

DW Home Signature Brights Collection

DW Home Signature Brights Collection is a collection of 5 new fruit based scents.

DW Home Blue Hawaii
DW Home Watermelon Fresca
DW Home Banana Smoothie
DW Home Peach Bellini
DW Home Tropical Punch

DW Home Modern Metropolitan Collection

DW Home scented candles Modern Metropolitan Collection is new from DW Home for 2019.
The fragrances are a bit less generally pleasing and generic than some of their other blends.

The candles in DW Home scented candles Modern Metropolitan Collection are:

DW Home Burnt Toffee
DW Home Mineral Verde
DW Home Smoked Birch
DW Home Cognac Amber
DW Home Neroli Cassis
DW Home Bergamot Sea
DW Home Honeyed Melon
DW Home Sea Salt Marine

DW Home Scented Candles Halloween Collection

I never owned a DW Home candle, but my friend who travels to the USA all the time has a bunch of them and likes them a lot. She hasn’t bought any of the new Halloween ones but she said she’ll give them a sniff next time. These are already in stores because people on FB are already commenting on them.

The DW Home Scented Candles Halloween Collection has 4 candles:

DW Home Witch’s Potion Scented Candle

DW Home Candy Corn Scented Candle

DW Home Goblin’s Goo Scented Candle

DW Home Wizard’s Magic Scented Candle

 DW Home Poolside Splash scented candle Review

I don’t have any DW Home candles since I can’t find them in Europe, but I was visiting a friend today and she had DW Home Poolside Splash burning in her guest bathroom.

She had a large double wick candle and the burn time on those is 64 hours.

Her guest bathroom is medium sized and this candle was so strong that if it were my bathroom, I would be opening some windows and moving the candle to a larger room. I’d say the scent throw in a solid 9. Her jar of Poolside Splash was almost done and it had quite a bit of soot.

The official notes in DW Home Poolside Splash are: fresh aquatic greens, tropical fruit, amber, driftwood.

I got the generic aquatic note that reads very toilet cleaner to me, mixed with a lot of pineapple and watermelon. The fruit notes are weighted down by the wood note that’s quite strong and paired with amber it actually a relatively heavy fragrance, not refreshing at all to me. I understand the idea of putting tropical fruit and driftwood together to get the “island” vibe but the added amber just reads too warm overall and I just didn’t care for the scent.