DrogerieMarkt DM Profissimo scented candle collection Spring Summer Review

My local DM Drogeriemarkt store just got the Spring/Summer 2019 scented candles in. It’s their store brand of candles called Profissimo candles and they revamp their fragrance selection about twice a year. The jar candles aren’t all that impressive scent throw wise but I love their tealights and I always have a bunch of their 6 hours and 8 hours of burning time tealights in the stash.

The new Profissimo candles for Spring 2019 are:

Profissimo Sweet Flowers

Profissimo Summer meadow

dm spring 2019 collection review profissimo

In addition to the new floral scents there are some new summery scents as well:

Profissimo Pink Grapefruit

Profissimo Peach

Profissimo Sea Sounds

Profissimo Tropic

The Sweet Flowers and Pink Grapefruit would work well as Valentine’s Day candles and with a bit of added decoration they’d work OK as super affordable gifts.