Coffee scented candles

Coffee scented candles are a staple at my house together with tea scented candles. I’ve cut down my coffee intake a couple of years ago due to health reasons so now I supplement my coffee drinks by burning coffee scented candles.


My favorites are the ones that smell like Starbucks coffee. I think the best coffee scented candles are either those that have an added sweet note paired with stuff like hazelnut or caramel syrup note or the ones that smell like pure black coffee.

For a couple of years, I was having a hard time finding good coffee bean scented candles and I figured it was time for some coffee scented candles diy. I thought it can’t be that hard to make homemade coffee scented candles. I did some research I saw that there are some easy ways to make them out of actual ground coffee beans but I kind of wanted to play with more fancy candle making stuff and I wanted to try actually making coffee scented soy candles and so I went and bought coffee scented candle oil some soy wax, found a good coffee scented candle recipe and proceeded to make some coffee scented candle wax.

I made a bunch of wax tarts and then I also made some coffee bean scented pillar candles that I decorated with actual coffee beans so they looked good enough to give away as presents. It was fun to do and the wax ended up smelling good but once you learn how to make coffee scented candles and you add up the time, the cost of wax, the price of coffee scented oil for candles and the amount of it you need to get a decent scent throw, you see that diy coffee scented candles aren’t that much cheaper than brand name scented wax.

So while I had fun playing with oils and wax I now buy coffee scented candles and if you’re wondering where to buy coffee scented candles and which ones smell the best, here’s my list of best coffee scented candles.

8 Best Coffee scented candles

  1. Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle
  2. Village Candle Peppermint Mocha
  3. Yankee Candle Hazelnut Coffee
  4. Colonial Candle Hazelnut Latte
  5. Yankee Candle Sweet Irish Coffee
  6. Lily-Flame Coffee Galore 
  7. Village Candle Coconut Mocha
  8. Yankee Candle Chocolate Cappuccino

Yankee Candle Sweet Irish Coffee Review

Yankee Candle Sweet Irish Coffee was a part of the Limited St. Patrick’s Day Collection.

This scent is pretty much what you expect from the name. It’s not a repackage of Irish Cream. It ’s less milky, less frothy and less creamy. In Sweet Irish Coffee you get the “Starbucks” coffee and Bailey’s note, with added sugar. If you have never smelled Bailey’s, it’s a cream and whiskey mix liquor so you get the boozy, warming undertone here.

There are a bunch of scents you can mix and layer this with, so I think there’s no fear of growing tired of the full jar. It will work with cookie scents, plain vanilla scents, I like it with the new Café al Fresco candle and with my leftover gingerbread scents for a spice kick.

I’ll get a lot of burns out of this on cold evenings in February when I need some warmth and coziness but I’m sort of sick of the bakery fragrances I had going throughout December.

Yankee Candle Hazelnut Coffee Review

Yankee Candle Hazelnut Coffee is available as a Treasure in EU online Yankee stores so it’s only available in large jars. I’ve had this a few years ago and rather enjoyed it so I picked another jar up during my latest Yankee haul.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Hazelnut Coffee are a full-bodied blend of java suffused with macadamia nut, vanilla, and cocoa bean.

I get a lot of hazelnuts, a lot of brown sugar and some coffee. I’d say it’s a Starbucks scent, it’s about 80% sugared hazelnut and 20% coffee. It’s good if a bit too sweet and it’s not one to pick up if you’re craving coffee fragrance since the coffee note is not strong. I like it for autumn and I’ve burned it with Village Candle Warm Buttered Bread for funsies and it was all kinds of awesome. I’d recommend it in smaller forms like tarts or small jars and then burn or melt it with a bakery scent that’s not super sweet and you’ll have a winning fragrance.

I’ve been burning Yankee Candle Hazelnut Coffee in a large jar in my luminary candle holder and it burned well, I got an even wax pool in about two and a half hours. The scent throw was a solid 8. I burned it in my kitchen together with a small jar of the Village Candle and I was swimming in fragrance in half an hour.

Lily-Flame Coffee Galore Scented Candle review

I got the Lily-Flame Coffee Galore Scented Candle a while ago and I burned it a few times but then I just forgot about it for some reason. I pulled it out again on Monday after spotting it behind my tin of flour and there was only about half left so after burning it every morning around breakfast time this week it’s now finished. I got the Lily-Flame Coffee Galore Scented Candle at John Lewis.

I had the tin version of Lily-Flame Coffee Galore but I think I’ve also seen this scent in jar form. I had to order it online from the UK so we’re talking airmail which is NOT a friend of anything glass so I went with tin to be on the safe side.

Lily-Flame Coffee Galore smells like fresh ground coffee beans and sugar. The sugar note cuts through the bitterness of the coffee beans and all in all it’s a great sweet espresso scented candle.

The tin version of this candle has about 35 hours burn time and I paid 13EUR for it.

It has a scent throw of about 6 and it lightly scents my kitchen in about an hour. It’s not an overpowering smell and I love to burn it with my morning toast and green tea. I used to be a huge coffee drinker but I cut down to almost nothing during my pregnancies and am trying to keep my coffee intake low now and I do find that coffee scented candles stop the craving a bit so I tend to buy a lot of them.

Village Candle Coconut Mocha Review

Village Candle Coconut Mocha is the gourmand fragrance for the Winter Holiday collection.

The scent notes on Village Candle Coconut Mocha are mocha and coconut.

Burning Village Candle Coconut Mocha I don’t get any coffee notes. I know that coffee is not actually a note listed but I figured with a “mocha” in the name, I’ll be getting a coffee scent.
It smells like a very plain mix of coconut and chocolate. It’s not the best version of a chocolate note I’ve ever smelled but far better than say the BBW version of chocolate. It’s a bit cheap smelling but the bakery type coconut in this saves the candle for me.

It’s a pretty sweet scent and a coffee note is easy enough to add if you want a real mocha fragrance. I added Yankee Candle Café Al Fresco because I had some left over and it worked very well. I also added a Yankee Candle Chocolate Cappuccino and loved the mixture but that one is a bit hard to find at the moment.

The scent throw on Village Candle Coconut Mocha is a weak 7, so it’s very good for layering since it won’t overwhelm the other layers.

Yankee Candle Chocolate Cappuccino scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Chocolate Cappuccino is currently available as a treasure and it’s the perfect candle to bring back for the beginning of the Fall season. It’s the Starbucks coffee drink type fragrance that works for Fall and Winter and is good for gifts as well.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Chocolate Cappuccino are : buttery dark chocolate, warm mocha, and sweet vanilla froth.

Burning Yankee Candle Chocolate Cappuccino I get a nice sweet chocolate drink, mocha coffee, and syrupy vanilla. It’s very sweet, heavy on the chocolate, but the chocolate is not the dark hot chocolate type but more diluted kind, found in coffee drinks. The coffee is also not a strong espresso but more of the mocha kind and I get the syrup sweet vanilla as well.

It’s a safe bet that anyone who likes mixed coffee drink will enjoy this for as long as the jar lasts, it’s not the kind of scent you get tired of and it works for pretty much every day, especially in the afternoons after work or in the mornings.

I actually got two jars of Yankee Candle Chocolate Cappuccino when it came back as a treasure and I’ve already finished one. I’m a fan of coffee drink type fragrances so this is right up my alley.

The scent throw my first large jar was a 6 and I burned it in my kitchen where I could only smell it around my seating area. After I burned about half of it I moved it to my office and it scented my desk area nicely but I couldn’t smell it in the far corners of the office. Which…was OK, since I only sit at my desk when I’m in there anyway.