Monday, August 26, 2019

Candle Reviews

Reviewing currently available scented candles from scented candle companies yankee candle, village candle, goose creek candle, bath and body works, ikea scented candles, aldi scented candles, colonial candle and others that can be bought online.

Yankee Candle Treasures for Winter and Holiday 2017

Yankee Candle Christmas Wish review; returning scent

Yankee Candle Christmas Wish is a returning scent for 2019. Yankee Candle Christmas Wish smells like a basic vanilla cookie. It's somewhere between Yankee Candle...
aldi spring 2017 scented candles review

Best Aldi sceted candles

Aldi and also Lidl scented candles are one of the cheapest scented candles that you can find at your local store but...
Yankee Candle Hollyberry scented candle Review Winter Holiday 2017 returning favorites

Yankee Candle Hollyberry scented candle Review; Winter Holiday 2019 returning favorites

This is my Yankee Candle Hollyberry scented candle Review. Yankee Candle Hollyberry turned up in the Treasures/returning favorites section this week. This is an older fragrance,...

Best Pool Party scented candles list

June is the start of the pool season at my house. The pool gets filled and the tropical fruit candles come out. I do...

Woodwick candles Review

I love my Woodwick candles. I actually am a big fan of candles with a wooden wick in general because I just...